Doll Mag Academy / School Hairstyles


School Hairstyles for the Bitty TwinsWe don’t feature our pair of Bitty Twins, Lucy and Bridget, as often as we should, but with our two-week long Doll Mag Academy feature, it felt like the ideal time to give them a post all to their own! With their layered, shoulder length hair, the twins’ hairstyles rarely go beyond your basic pigtail or ponytail. However, when they are dressed in such adorable back-to-school outfits, it didn’t seem right for them not to have a cute hairstyle to match. These ‘dos are easy to pick up and are oh-so fun to customize. Master them now, and your darling toddler will be smiling big come picture day! :)

Lucy Hairstyle Step by StepTo make Lucy’s fun take on braids, follow these simple steps…

  1. Brush out your doll’s hair completely.
  2. Part the hair in the back, and secure one side with an elastic.
  3. On the other side, pull back the top section of hair and use an elastic to make a small ponytail.
  4. Add another small section of hair to the mini ponytail, and secure with an elastic.
  5. Add the remaining pieces of hair, and tie off with yet another elastic.
  6. Repeat on the other side.

Bridget Hairstyle Step by StepBridget’s cute ponytail is just as simple! Here’s the four step how-to.

  1. Brush out your doll’s hair completely.
  2. Part hair. On one side, twist the front pieces of hair into a pigtail; secure with an elastic. Repeat on the other side.
  3. Brush together the two pigtails, and use an elastic to make one ponytail.
  4. Add a coordinating bow!

Of course, these instructions can be used on bigger dolls as well. Wouldn’t these styles be perfect for short hair dolls?!

Thanks for sticking with us during Doll Mag Academy! We are having a blast so far, and Lulu and I hope you are too.

Have an amazing night!


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