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Seven Days Of StyleLast year (during our Back to School Week), Bella and I published a post called Seven Days Of Style, featuring my adorable doll Cece; included were tips on how to make outfits for every day of the week using only ten pieces. Our readers enjoyed it so much that we couldn’t wait to bring it back and share it with you again – and here it is! We picked out ten new pieces, made seven new outfits, and Cece and I are here to give style tips and tricks. Let’s get started!

Clothing Items Alright! To get started, you’ll need to gather up your pieces. You don’t need the same exact ones as us, as similar items will create the same effect or look. Here are the outfits our items belong to, in case you’re curious…

  • Headband from Janie Jumps on Etsy
  • Patterned Skirt from The Mix and Match Outfit Collection
  • Jeggings and Lace Top from Saige’s Sweater Outfit
  • Tunic from the Licorice Play Outfit
  • Vest and Sandals from the Weekend Fun Outfit
  • Basic Tee from the Jumper and Boots Outfit
  • Sweatshirt from the Kickin’ Back Outfit
  • Boots from the Pretty and Plaid Outfit

SundaySunday / Jeggings, Boots, Tunic, Basic Tee

Your doll can end her weekend right in a cute tunic and some comfy boots. Keep her hair maintained in a playful bubble braid and throw on a sweater (or in this case, a backwards top), and she’s good to go!

MondayMonday / Jeggings, Sandals, Lace Top, Vest, Headband

Mondays aren’t always fun, but your doll will be ready to take on the week in this simple, chic ensemble. Add a few pops of color with shoes or other accessories, but try to keep the other pieces subtly stylish.

TuesdayTuesday / Patterned Skirt, Sandals, Vest, Basic Tee

Your doll will be twirling through the school hallways in a fun skirt and shoes! Leave her hair in a basic ‘do and keep the outfit classic with a few extra twists. Throw a scarf here or a vest there, and her personal flair will show.

WednesdayWednesday / Sandals, Jeggings, Basic Tee, Lace Top, Headband

Layer up for the chillier days! Throw your doll’s fave tank or tee over a long sleeve top for an extra boost in pattern and texture. Add some jeggings, a headband, and a bit of color, and you’ll have aced this look.

ThursdayThursday / Sandals, Jeggings, Tunic, Basic Tee

The weekend’s almost here! Go out with a bang and wear a cute tunic or dress to ensure the second half of the school week is just as stylish as the first. Don’t forget to bring out details and colors with hair clips and accessories.

FridayFriday / Boots, Patterned Skirt, Sweatshirt, Lace Top

The weekend’s finally here! Celebrate your doll’s hard work with a cute look complete with the right amount of color. Not only does the green in the sweatshirt pick up the green in the skirt, it also allows for plenty of accessorizing opportunities.

SaturdaySaturday / Boots, Jeggings, Lace Top, Sweatshirt

Your doll can enjoy her day off in this comfy cute outfit! The boots and sweatshirt will keep her cozy, but the peeking lace top and the headband – working double time as a scarf – keep things elegant.

Have an awesome week!

Lulu and Cece


15 thoughts on “Doll Mag Academy / Seven Days Of Style

  1. I loved your post last year and I am so glad you brought it back! I love the shirt as a sweater on Sunday, I am going to be using that trick! I was wondering, how did you make your doll stand on he tree brach without toppling off?

    • We’re so glad you enjoyed our post last year! I actually used a fence we have in our yard made out of tree branches instead of an actual tree–but leaning your doll is always key.

      Lulu :)

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