Seminars From Bri / Graduation!


Student Council!Before we get to Bri’s seminar, we wanted to share the results of last week’s student council elections. We had over 100 votes entered, and we are so thankful for your input. Without further ado, here are the new positions…

Class President-Payton

Vice President-Gabby



Thanks again!

Seminars From Bri LogoThanks for tuning in my lovelies! I know you’re all super psyched for my special second post this month, right-

Wait! Aren’t I supposed to start the introductions?

Well you technically did with the student council thing…


Anyways! My time as an exchange student at Doll Mag Academy has ended, so I threw a party for all the students going back to EAH along with the newly-selected student council. There. Is that good?

Um, hm, yeah.


Payton “Welcome to the goodbye party for our Ever After High exchange students,” Payton announced at the beginning of my awesome party. “As class president, I would like to say that it has been terrific having the EAH students here, but I think this speech would be better said by one of those students-“

Bri by Podium“Bri!” I called out from the wings. Payton nodded and began clapping as I walked on stage, obviously. “Hello my fellow super cool students. Today I will be discussing the importance…” I looked up at the towering podium. “Of having appropriately sized seating.” 

Bri SittingAfter a minute or two of climbing using my ninja high heel skills, I was sitting near the podium, ready to continue my speech. “We all had a great time here at Doll Mag Academy, from my documenting to our latest projects about-” 

Piper and Bri“Bri!” My best friend Piper called out and came running to the podium. “Rubye wants to know where she should put the chocolate fountain.” I scrunched my nose and gestured to the crowd. “I’m doing a speech actually…” Piper’s pale cheeks went apple red and gave my arm a quick squeeze. “Oops-I’ll talk to you later.” I nodded and redirected my attention back to the crowd, only to find…

Cupid and Brimyself looking straight at a pair of flying red shoes. “Cupid?” I asked, confused. I looked up and saw my pink-haired friend flying through the air and landing right next to me on the podium. Cupid smiled and sighed happily. “I told Siena I would get here before the food was out. And I even missed the boring speeches! Right, Bri-ooooh.” I nodded as she rushed to find a seat in the crowd while I continued to talk about our animation movie project.

Grace and Piper“Hey Bri? I know you’re doing a speech and everything, but could you just help me for a second?” Grace asked as I tried to get through at least two complete sentences. “Where should this table cloth go?” I shrugged, “Just find a table and cloth it, I guess.” Grace nodded and grabbed her purple table cloth before joining the swarm of people setting up the food. 

Sienna and Bri“Hey! Brister! Did you ever get those lanterns I told Piper to bring over?” Sienna butted in, gripping an orange paper decoration. “Wait, never mind!” She said quickly when she saw my frustration.  “I’ll just go tell her everything is fine.” 

Sienna and RubyeOf course, then Rubye came. “Sienna!” She cried, panting as she sprinted over. “Did Piper tell you what to do about the chocolate fountain; Cupid keeps trying to stick her cupcakes in it.” She then looked to me, “Great speech by the way Bri! It’s really good.” I looked up at the crowd with a doubtful look on my face, only to find that everyone was clapping. I guess learning how to manage parties makes a pretty good speech…although I can rock anything. 

Ending“Sorry we ruined your speech Bri.” Piper said, giving me a hug a little while later when we were all crouched around a perfectly decorated, (and clothed!) table, munching on sweets. “Are you kidding?” I laughed, “You didn’t ruin it. You guys made it %200 percent even better.”

I’ll be back for Halloween!

Bri (And Lulu!)


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