Doll Mag Academy / Lunch Time Printables


Lunch PrintablesDoll Mag Academy is starting to come to an end, but we still have a couple more fun posts to share with you today and tomorrow during our wrap-up. For this post, we have a collection of super cute lunch-themed printables for you, so let’s get to it, shall we?

PrintablesThe printable set includes a menu so your doll knows what’s for lunch, a cupcake-themed tray, a water bottle label, two juice bag labels, and the front and back of an animal cracker snack bag.

MenuZoey couldn’t wait to help model our new lunch menu. She’s thinking of ordering the salad, how about you?

Animal CrackersHere’s the animal cracker bag! We stapled the two sides of ours together and put a little bit of stuffing inside to make it look full, but you could always cut out actual animal “crackers” from tan construction paper or foam.

You can download the printables here: Lunch Printables

For more school-themed printables, check out last year’s school themed posters.

Lulu :)


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