Doll Mag Academy / Yearbook


Yearbook CoverWe want to thank you for reading and supporting Doll Mag Academy! Although it has come to an end, we really hope you enjoyed it and hope you continue to stick with us once we dive into October, {we have loads of fun posts planned – theme weeks, crafts, tutorials, style, and lots more! :)} To close off our September adventure, we have a downloadable yearbook for you to fill in.

EAH DollsThere are a few pages featuring our doll’s “class photos.”

Blank SheetAs well as some for you to fill out with your own photos! There’s also some other fun surprises, so be sure to check it out.

You can download the Doll Mag Academy Yearbook here: DM Yearbook

Diploma ImageDon’t forget to grab a diploma for your doll too! Just sign your doll’s name on the line and your officially a Doll Mag Academy graduate. You can download it here: DM Diploma

Have a great night,

Lulu and Bella :)


3 thoughts on “Doll Mag Academy / Yearbook

  1. Cute! I also made a yearbook at the beginning of the school year. You can see it on my blog at I really like how you designed yours! Isn’t it fun t design these things?? :)


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