Monthly Recap / September 2014


Monthly RecapThese past few months have zipped by, and before we know it, the holidays will be here! In an effort to slow down time, the both of us wanted to recap our fun-filled September. Have you been loving fall just as much as us two? :)

What We Loved ♥ September started with the first week of school, and after transitioning back into our regular routine, we can happily say that the new school year is going quite well! After school, we loved doing a variety of activities; from art classes to the school musical, the past month was packed with fun extracurriculars. When it came time to relax, though, we enjoyed nothing more than watching new episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine or settling down with a good book.

September 2014 Monthly RecapReader’s Favorites ♥ Seminars from Bri (01) / Seven Days of Style / Class President Elections

Lulu’s Favorites ♥ Make a Doll Hopscotch / School Hairstyles for Bitty Twins / Lunchtime Printables

Bella’s Favorites ♥ We Review: Felicity, An American Girl Adventure / Magazine Fall 2014 / Doll Mag Academy Yearbook

Doll Mag Around the Web ♥ Doll Diaries Picks of the Week (9/27) / Oh My Dollies

Blast From the Past ♥ Printable Kit: Fall Fun for Dolls

From Readers ♥ We didn’t receive any photos from readers this month.

Looking Ahead ♥ The two of us have plenty planned for this October! Lulu is looking forward to her birthday this Thursday, but she also can’t wait to go trick-or-treating on Halloween. She will be going as a Greek goddess; hopefully she gets lots of candy too! :) Meanwhile, Bella is looking forward to working on student council homecoming activities and to do lots of baking – she has plenty of recipes she’s eager to try out. Of course, we are also excited for AG’s winter release, just another sign that the holidays are near.

We hope you had a lovely Monday!
Bella and Lulu


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