Happy Birthday Lulu!

Hello!Happy Birthday Lulu!It has been a busy few days in the Doll Mag household, that’s for sure. While we loved looking at AG’s new releases {our thoughts will be posted soon}, the most important event of this past week was Lulu’s birthday! This celebratory post is a day late, as Lulu was born on October 9th – thankfully, the two of us tend to look at birthdays as week-long holidays, so no worries there :)

Ever After High DollsAnyhoo, these Doll Mag regulars and I just want to wish Lulu an absolutely amazing birthday! Lulu – I love you so much. I hope you had the best day ever and have an equally fabulous year ahead!

xo, Bella

*The curious bunch may like to know that Lulu received these doll related gifts: Rebecca’s Holiday Outfit, the Princess Pet Bed, and money to buy Kitty Cheshire when she finally comes out :)


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Lulu!

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