AG Holiday Release 2014 / Lulu’s Thoughts


Have you seen AG’s latest release? The AG and Bitty holiday sets came out last Thursday (my birthday – thank you for all of the sweet comments!), and I thought there were some very cute items… and some not-so cute items, but more on that later. This afternoon I finally got a chance to write up my thoughts on some of the items, so here they are…

Accessories1) Black Sparkly Flats / These are oh-so cute! The sparkle detail adds a bit of winter-y style, but since it’s subtle, the flats still have plenty of mix and match opportunities. They are a bit on the pricey side for shoes, but if you don’t already own basic black flats, they would be a great addition to your doll’s wardrobe.

2) Isabelle’s Jewelry Box For Girls / Hmm… this set seems a bit boring and generic to me. I really wish that they didn’t market it as Isabelle’s, as there’s nothing important that could actually connect it to her on the box. The monogram stickers that come with it are a nice touch, but I’m wondering how long they’ll end up staying on.

3) Holiday Accessories / This set is cute, but not one of my favorites. Compared to some of AG’s old presents (we have some really cool stackable ones), the pink one looks a bit cheap, but I would love to have the fuzzy shrug!

4 ) Skis and Helmet Set / If I actually enjoyed skiing, I definitely would get this set for my dolls! I adore the blue, navy, and pink color palette, and the helmet is absolutely adorable. I love how it actually has goggles that can be adjusted.

Bitties 1) Clara PJs / As much as I love the concept of these pajamas, something about them seems off. The light pink color and gold belt are very pretty together, but the puffy sleeves and neckline don’t seem very flattering on the Bitties. It could just be the photo though!

 2) Nutcracker PJs / Unlike the Clara PJs, I immediately fell in love with this outfit. The bright colors and sparkly details pull everything together, and the toy nutcracker is oh-so cute. Now, if only we owned a boy doll… sigh.

 3) Frosty Ice Skating Outfit / This outfit looks cozy cute! The combination of the frilly skirt and knitted hat works surprisingly well, and the Bitty Baby in the picture looks absolutely adorable. It would look perfect with the other skating outfit from this release (below in the My AG section).

 4) Little Leopard Snowsuit / Cute, but I don’t think it will ever be coming home with me.  I wish there was a little more color variation, and the star seems quite awkwardly placed, but it still looks lovely.

 5) Teal Tidings Dress / This seems a bit repetitive to me, how about you? That’s okay, though! I do like the ruffled skirt and teal color, but that’s about it.

 6) Imagine and Play Tent / Aww…this is one of my favorite things from the entire release! The design on the sides of the tent are so cute, as is the flag. I would love to have this for me and my dolls; I’ll have to start saving up!

My AG 1) Sparkly Skating Set / Although AG has had better skating sets in the past, this one is definitely a noteworthy one. The light blue color is a nice choice for them, and the design and shape of the dress is quite realistic and lovely.

 2) Hit the Slopes Outfit / This is such a stylish winter outfit! I love all the details and accessories (especially that headband!), but I could live without having all those “AG”s on the sleeves of the vest.

 3) Fair Isle PJs / I know some others were a bit annoyed about the amount of pink in this outfit, but I actually think that color is really pretty and looks great on these pajamas. The boots are my favorite part of the outfit, but the sequined top would also be a great piece to have.

 4) Pretty Pink Riding Outfit / Unfortunately, the pink in this outfit does annoy me because it seems so unrealistic. AG’s old riding outfit had a nice classic jacket and boots, but this one seems too fancy for horse riding to me.

 5) Silver Shimmer Dress / I prefer the other holiday dress from the release to this one, but I see why it appeals to others more. The shoes are amazing (they usually are), and the neutral color looks great on most dolls.

 6) Happy Holiday Dress / This dress is quite cute, don’t you think? The shape is so pretty and the subtle coloring of the bow adds a bit of style and charm. I’m a bit weary of the cut of the sequined skirt, but I’ll have to see it in person to make a final decision.

 7) Winter White Outfit / This outfit isn’t really my style. I’m not a fan of the cable knit shorts, or wearing them over leggings, and the furry vest has little too much… fur, I guess? I do have a weakness for cute boots though, and the outfit has lots of mix and match potential.

8) Western Plaid Outfit / Definitely one of the better outfits from this release in my opinion. The dress is perfect for a cowgirl look, but with just the right amount of accessorizing, it can also work as an everyday outfit. And, of course, those boots may have something to do with my overall liking of this outfit.

What are your thoughts on the new release?! :)



3 thoughts on “AG Holiday Release 2014 / Lulu’s Thoughts

  1. Very interesting! I loved reading your thoughts! :)
    I also think that the new pair of flats are nice! They could be worn with so many things!
    I agree with your opinion on the jewelry box for girls-it is a bit boring. About how it connects to Isabelle, I think it Isabelle’s makeup set is supposed to be the one for dolls, and then the jewelry box is the one for girls.
    I mainly agree with everything you said about the My AG outfits.
    The Sparkly Skating Set is very pretty, as well as the Happy Holiday Dress. I love the blue!
    I also would like the coat better without those “AG’s”. It is too much pattern for me. I think the new PJ’s are pretty cute, but I like last year’s Polar Bear PJ’s better. I also think the the jacket of the riding outfit should not be pink-seems a bit too unrealistic to me. I agree that the Winter White Outfit has mix and match potential, but as an outfit, is is really lacking. I am not fond of the shorts. Those were my thoughts! I hope you don’t mind the very long comment.

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