Fashion Week / Make Heart-Patch Jeans

Make Heart Patch JeansI rarely throw away magazines the month I get them, preferring instead to keep issues for future reference or random reads. While I obviously use the magazines for myself {they have terrific fashion and hair inspiration}, ever so often, articles can spark a Doll Mag idea! Such was the case when I was flipping through an old issue of Seventeen. The moment I saw these heart-patch jeans…

Heart Jeans InspirationI couldn’t wait to recreate them in doll size. It seemed fitting to share the tutorial during Doll Mag Fashion Week, as nothing seems more stylish {and creative!} than rethinking a wardrobe staple. Making a pair is easier than you may think – just be sure to have some doll jeans on hand!

Heart Patch Jeans MaterialsYOU WILL NEED…

  • A ruler
  • Velcro
  • Felt {we used black}
  • Scissors
  • Permanent marker {not pictured}
  • Thread and needle
  • Doll jeans

Heart Jeans Step by Step

  1. Cut two identical hearts from your piece of felt; at their widest, they should be just under one and a half inches.
  2. Using your needle and thread, stitch a border around the felt hearts.
  3. Put the jeans on your doll, and use a permanent marker to mark where on the jeans you want the hearts to lie.
  4. Place velcro at the spot you marked and attach the hearts.

This method would be just as cute up on top; an elbow-patch sweater or long sleeve tee would be adorable, especially for the winter months up ahead! What quick tips do you have to refresh your doll’s wardrobe?

Have a great Tuesday!


Doll Mag Fashion Week LogoWe’re hosting Doll Mag Fashion Week all week long! Be sure to check back for our next stylish post.


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