Fashion Week / Make An EAH Skater Skirt


Skater SkirtHappy Wednesday! Today was quite a rainy day where we live, so I decided a project would be the perfect thing to fill the afternoon with! Several sewing projects came to mind for my first post in our October theme week (I’m also working on some pretty fun Halloween costumes for the smaller dolls), but I finally settled on creating skater skirts for the EAH cuties; I was inspired by one of my previous Bri posts. This craft is lots of fun, and it is easy for even the most unexperienced designers. Let’s get started…


  • Felt (We used light blue, but any color could work. You could also use different types of fabric for different types of draping!)
  • Scissors
  • A large snack bowl
  • Velcro (not pictured)
  • Thread and needle
  • Tape measure (optional)


  1. Start by tracing your snack bowl on the felt with a pencil. Cut out the shape with your scissors, and trim any uneven edges. (The circle should be about 18-20 inches all the way around.)
  2. Cut a small circle in the center of your felt, with a cut in the fabric connecting to it. (EAH dolls have a waist that is about 3 inches around if that helps with your cutting endeavors.)
  3. Depending on what material you’re using, you can now hem your skirt. If you’re using felt, you won’t need to hem the outer edge, but a few stitches along the hole might be a good idea.
  4. Hold the skirt up to your doll, and fold the fabric over where it pops out too much. Poke your needle and thread through the fold, and stitch across the skirt.
  5. Repeat step 4 until you have all the necessary folds.
  6. Add velcro to the back of your skirt, and you’re good to go!

Grace in SkirtGrace loves her new skater skirt! The pale blue goes great with her eyes.

We would love to see how your skirts come out! Feel free to email us pictures at dollmagblog[at]gmail[dot]com.

Have an awesome night!

Lulu (with some help from Grace!)

P.S. For all you EAH fans – voting for Ever After High Thronecoming Queen has opened. Be sure to cast your vote on the Ever After High Website!

Doll Mag Fashion Week LogoWe’re hosting Doll Mag Fashion Week all week-long! Be sure to check back for our next stylish post.


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