Fashion Week / Fashion Show Photo Story!


Today we’re taking a break in our string of craft posts for Doll Mag Fashion Week; instead, we have an adorable photo story starring our very own AG dolls, Gabby and Ruthie. These two besties had quite the fun afternoon today, so let’s check it out…

IMG_0105“Ooh!” Gabby said as she looked at the hairstyles in one of her old Doll Mag issues. “That would be perfect for Julie’s Halloween Party!” She made a quick note next to the photo before there was a big knock on her bedroom door.

IMG_0108“Ruthie?” Gabby asked, hopping up to open the door for her friend. Ruthie Smithens rushed into the room, gripping loads of overflowing bags. “I…saved…up…for…a…new…outfit!” She gasped, catching her breath as she dropped the bags at her friend’s feet. Gabby got up, and began browsing through the new clothes, an idea popping into her head.

IMG_0117Gabby smiled as Ruthie sat down, “I think this calls for a fashion show.” “I’ll get the camera?” Ruthie answered. “And I’ll grab the sunglasses.” She replied excitedly.

IMG_0126Gabby tried on her look first-a sparkly gold combination of textured boots and a shimmering dress. She threw on a pair of silver gloves, and Ruthie tossed her a fluffy pink boa so she would be runway ready. “Ta-da!” Gabby giggled as Ruthie took pictures and she posed.

IMG_0130Ruthie did a combination of white and silver pieces, complete with a pair of fancy shoes to finish off the look. She pinned her curls back, and began walking around the room as Gabby hummed the runway music.

IMG_0148“You look fabulous,” Gabby said to her friend. “So do you,” Ruthie complimented her back. She set up a timer on the camera before running over to pose with Gabby. “Say cheese!”

Have an awesome weekend!


Doll Mag Fashion Week LogoWe’re hosting Doll Mag Fashion Week all week long! Be sure to check back for our next stylish post.


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