Seven Days of Style / Halloween Edition!


We were delighted to find that you enjoyed our last round of Seven Days of Style, so much so that you convinced us to do another edition! Mixing and matching with a limited number of pieces pushes your creativity; a cardigan becomes a sweater, a headband becomes a scarf, a dress becomes a skirt – your possibilities are endless. With Halloween coming up this Friday, our seven outfits are centered around the fall season. Have you been inspired to play around with your doll’s wardrobe?

Seven Days of Style Halloween EditionFor this spooky edition, you will need the items labeled above. Here’s what we used, in case you have similar tastes {the links will take you to the store or AG Wiki for reference} :) As always, don’t feel the need to have exactly what we have. Play around with the outfits you own!

SundaySunday: Halloween Tee, Leggings

For a comfy day at home, there’s no better outfit than an adorable tee-shirt and patterned leggings. Although both pieces are primarily black, the ghosts image and white polka dots are enough to break up the ensemble. A colorful ribbon is an added touch to her ponytail!

MondayMonday: Solid Tee, Skirt, Flats

Start your doll’s week off right with a flouncy skirt and dainty ballet flats! Staying solid on top lets the trendy bottom pieces shine, but a common color – in this case, blue – unifies the outfit. Finally, mini braids are easy to master and even quicker to do.

TuesdayTuesday: Cardigan, Leggings, Boots

Wake up with a chill? A cozy sweater is the cure. By turning around your doll’s chic cardigan, she can add a turtleneck to her clothing rotation {just be sure to fold down the collar}. It’s the perfect look when paired with leggings and stylish boots!

WednesdayWednesday: Dress, Solid Tee, Flats

Wednesday never fails to be busy, but your doll will be on top of things with her put-together look. The solid tee works double-duty as a lightweight cardigan, and the dress makes a tee-and-skirt combo that much easier. Throw on some flats, and she’ll be good to go!

ThursdayThursday: Headband, Solid Tee, Boyfriend Jeans, Flats

Let your doll show her Halloween spirit with a festive scarf {it’s a headband in disguise}! Wear it with her beloved boyfriend jeans, a solid-color shirt, and patterned flats – it’s an easy-peasy combination.

FridayFriday: Headband, Halloween Tee, Dress, Boots

She’ll need an adorable outfit for the class Halloween party before she heads out trick-or-treating! Keeping in the same color palette makes mixing and matching simple; here, we paired the black and white dress with the black and white tee. Meanwhile, the headband and boots add texture and color.

SaturdaySaturday: Cardigan, Solid Tee, Boyfriend Jeans, Flats

She may not have to go to school, but that is no excuse not to look stylish! Your doll need not worry, as this outfit is made up of the basics: a great cardigan, a long-sleeved shirt, worn-in jeans, and ballet flats. Simple always looks cute.

What’s your favorite outfit?

Have a terrific night!


10 thoughts on “Seven Days of Style / Halloween Edition!

  1. These are seriously so amazing! I hope you will continue to do more- maybe a Christmas edition? ;)

    My favorite outfits are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday! I love the idea of the cardigan being turned into a sweater! I’m gonna have to do that with my dolls as soon as it gets cold enough :(

    Thank you so much for doing this again! I love it!

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