Staff Picks / October 2014


October 2014 Staff PicksThe last few months of the year are an exciting time for us! Right now, for example, we’re working on our holiday issue to release on Saturday, brainstorming crafts and other posts for the holiday season, and performing a few tweaks on our site. We are having a blast with everything, but it’s even more fun to see what you are all doing. Excitement is contagious – when you’re enthusiastic about your blog, your readers are bound to be as well! :) We’re sharing a few of our favorite doll links that follow in this pattern; inventive, creative, or cute, these posts all deserve a peek.

1 / All of the recipes Gwen shares at A Peek Into the Pantry look scrumptious, but the Nut and Raisin Bread, inspired by Molly, looks both easy to make and yummy to eat. Baking a can is a technique new to Bella, but she supposes it’s an opportunity to try something new! :)

2 / Lulu loves this elegant hairstyle from American Girl Fan! Described as “Half-Up Twists,” the style looks fairly simple to do. Both of us can’t wait to try it out on some of our dolls for Thanksgiving.

3 / Whooo doesn’t like this shirt?! Lulu fell in love with all of Janie Jump’s new releases on Etsy, especially the cute long-sleeve tees. They would be perfect for the winter season, and the colors are gorgeous! Her dolls Payton and Ellie have been eyeing the owl tee shown above.

4 / Bella used this helpful video tutorial when making a birthday gift for Lulu! Although some of the materials she used differ from the original, Cedar’s new bed is a welcome item for our ever-growing EAH family.  We will have to share a picture of our bed soon; meanwhile, we might have to try another tutorial.

5 / Doesn’t Cupid look lovely in her new set? Lulu was super-duper excited to see the promo photos of the upcoming Ever After High Through the Woods line on Amazon; she absolutely loves the Ashlynn and Cupid dolls. There may be some wish list revising once the sets are released!

6 / Finally, we have seen many adorable doll costumes this week. All of the dolls look so cute and ready for a night of trick-or-treating! One post we especially enjoyed was Hannah’s two-part series of homemade costumes over at AGDTime. She proves that a good costume is only minutes away with a bit of creativity.

Have an awesome rest of your day!
Bella and Lulu


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