101 Dollmations / 02


101 DollmationsLast month I posted our first ever 101 Dollmations post, and all of you lovely readers seemed to enjoy it, so here is the second installment! Today we have some very fun animation channels to share with you, so let’s get to it, shall we?

Girl of the Year Studios 5. Girl of the Year Studios / These animations are so well done! The costumes and attention to detail are superb, and I find myself watching video after video. My favorite series would have to be Sisters in Black – I’m a bit behind (a quick marathon will fix that), but it’s very creepy cool.

Starry Eyes Chick 6. Starry Eyes Chick / I’m a big fan of the Le Fabuleux Destin de Sophie Amélie blog; when I discovered the human behind the blog had a YouTube channel, I was oh-so excited to go check it out! There are plenty of videos (stop motions, reviews, etc.), but my favorite so far would have to be A Dinner Date.

Infinity AG Studios7. Infinity AG Studios / I absolutely love this channel’s doll music videos! The dolls are adorable, and the stories and dances are always entertaining. I enjoyed the Shake it Off doll adaption, but the Human series is also quite fun.

Unfortunately, we don’t have an animation for you this month, but watch my YouTube channel – there will be a few new ones posted sometime in the next couple of weeks!

Happy early Halloween! Bri and I will be back tomorrow with some spooky fun.



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