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Spooky Comments from BriOooooooh! Brains! *Evil Laugh*

What are you doing?

My Halloween monster montage, what else?

Okay then. Happy Halloween everybody! I spent the last month designing and sewing costumes for the EAH girls so they could go trick-or-treating in style –

And I spent the last month modeling said costumes. 

Yeah, I was getting to that.

So, all my buds and I are going trick-or treating tonight, and Lulu took some photos of us getting ready –

But Bri –

…and now we shall go look at them. Onward!

Bri's Lineup “Alright everyone!” I said to my best friends Cupid, Piper, Siena, Rubye, and Grace. “Tonight we shall parade the streets in these super awesome costumes (from Lulu: Aww, thanks Bri! :)) and gather delicious candy!” “Umm, Bri?” Piper asked, “Why did you call us here so early? We’re not trick-or-treating for a few hours.” “Elementary, my dear Watson, we must have a Halloween photo shoot!” 

We will start off with the costume fashion show…

CupidHere is the ever-fabulous Cupid wearing her Greek goddess costume – doesn’t she look lovely? I love the ruffle Lulu added along with the pink stitching. 

SienaDoesn’t Siena look oh-so pretty? This year she’s dressed up as a woodland fairy (with wings and flowers and everything!). Her flowing aqua skirt is gorgeous – I may have to borrow it soon. 

Slide1Ta-da! The Pipester is going as Audrey Hepburn in the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and her costume may just have to be my favorite (mine is awesome too of course. See below!). That necklace is darling!

Slide2Here’s Rub-a-Dub! She decided to go as Maid Marian from Robin Hood this year, and I think she looks amazing! Her costume is inspired by Lucy Griffith’s Maid Marian in BBC Robin Hood (Lulu’s thoughts: It’s a great TV show by the way; Rube and I have constant marathons).

Grace HalloweenAnd here’s G. Lockes! This year she went as a 1950s girl – she has the poodle skirt and everything! I mean, who doesn’t want a cute poodle sidekick on their skirts at all times? (Lulu’s thoughts: Sorry about the background change! We had to switch so we could zoom out and see the skirt.)

BriAnd here’s me! I’m going as a fortune teller this year, and I adore my costume! The skirt is so pretty, and there are so many sparkles. One can never have enough sparkles, right?! Now, who wants their fortune told. You do, don’t you? See, I can feel it. 

Bri and Piper“Hey! Hey Piper!” I called over the Pipester before we grabbed out trick-or-treating bags. “Want to get your fortune told?” “Um…sure. But one question; why is your crystal ball a snow globe?” She asked. “I broke the other one, and this one is obviously more magical anyways. Alright!” I closed my eyes and rubbed my hands on my snow globe crystal ball. “Tonight you will receive some delicious candy!” I said in my spookiest voice. Piper rolled her eyes. “You have true talent.”  

GroupHere’s one last group photo of us before we head out! Don’t we look fabulous?

Have an awesome Halloween! (And keep on Bri-ing awesome!) 

Bri (And Lulu!)


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