We Review: Ever After High Thronecoming Special


We Review ThronecomingAs any EAH fan will know, the eagerly awaited Ever After High Thronecoming Special recently premiered on Nickelodeon (it was also added to Netflix last weekend, if you want to check there too!). Being a huge fan myself, I watched the special – and then rewatched it three times – along with Bella, and we thought it would be the perfect thing to continue our “We Review” series. As always, we format our reviews as a conversation between the two of us; this keeps it natural and allows us to hit all of the points we want to discuss! What did you think of the Thronecoming special?

L: I had lots of fun watching the special with you, Bella! The animation and the story were quite interesting to me – I hope it was for you too. I’m a hard-core EAH fan, so I was able to follow everything just fine, but as someone who knows the storyline less, was it harder for you to understand what was going on?

B: Thanks to your quick review of the story beforehand, I was just fine! Of course, someone who is completely new to Ever After High would have some trouble, but then again, they aren’t the intended audience. You also mentioned the animation, which I found very well-done. I’m quite impressed with it, especially since it seems to be a fairly low-budget production!

L: I like the simple style of the animation as well. All of the elements flow nicely! I also think the design of the characters is great, as well as the settings. I was pleasantly surprised to see that all the characters got new Thronecoming outfits, even the ones who aren’t dolls at the moment. Thoughts?

B: It is such a fun storyline; the writers and animators clearly put a lot of thought into all of the little details! Regarding the costumes, I have to agree with you. All of the characters looked gorgeous in their Thronecoming dresses, and I’m sure they provide plenty of design inspiration for you. What did you think of the acting? It clearly didn’t set out to be award-winning, but again, like many things in this special, I was surprised at how engaged I was in the story while watching.

L: I agree! Part of what brings animation to life is the voices and sounds. These weren’t the most amazing voice-overs I’ve ever heard, but I think the actors did a good job of representing the characters’ personalities. The animation is also impressive because some of the actors play three or four characters! Speaking of the characters, I’m very happy that there is more development in this special. Not only do we get to find out about the Headmaster’s past, but we also get to imagine what would happen if the Royals chose to live out their stories. I felt so bad for Briar when she realized that she could lose all of her friends if she chooses to become the next Sleeping Beauty.

B: Before the special, I hadn’t realized how in-depth the EAH story lines are, no doubt the result of Shannon Hale’s books and videos/films like this one! It was interesting to get a deeper look into each character’s life, and I hope you’ll keep me updated as more stories are released. I, too, felt bad for Briar – sleeping for one hundred years isn’t all that glamorous. Any last points that you want to mention?

L: Hmm, the only thing I can think of is that I enjoyed learning more about the Evil Queen’s time at Ever After High. We didn’t find out too much, but it does open up opportunities for future story lines. That’s all for me!

B: I have nothing else to say, except a huge thanks to you, Lulu, for suggesting this! :)

Did any of you Ever After High fans watch the special? If so, what are your thoughts? Let’s discuss!

Happy Thursday!

L + B


2 thoughts on “We Review: Ever After High Thronecoming Special

  1. Dear Bella and Lulu,

    Hi! Not to spam you or anything, but my sister and I just nominated you for the Grateful Blog Award.
    We are longtime followers of your blog and wish you all the best!

    Your friends,
    Cornelia and Blaire

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