Help Us Out! / 03


We Need Your Help!{heart background from Citrus and Mint}

We are quickly posting in the midst of an intense tech week {per usual, Lulu is performing and Bella is “crew-ing” :)} to share a few Doll Mag updates! In the meantime, we hope you are having a fabulous week; it seems to be zipping by.

[1] Shop Owner Spotlight In an effort to make the Shop Owner Spotlight process easier on both the interviewee and the interviewers, we have created a Google Docs for shop owners to fill out. We are currently looking for doll clothing shop owners for the 2015 issues! To find out more, please click HERE.

[2] Ask Gabs Gabby is getting her own advice column in the next issue! She’s looking for your doll, blogging, style, photography, or graphic design questions HERE.

[3] Letters to the Editor We have planned a few tweaks for the January/February ’15 issue, we have included a Letters to the Editor page. If you have any feedback on our holiday issue, let us know HERE.

[4] Craft Tester We are considering asking for a few Doll Mag craft testers! However, we wanted to make sure there was at least some interest before doing so. What do you think, friends?! {see what a craft tester is below!}

Have an awesome night + thank you for your help!
Bella and Lulu


15 thoughts on “Help Us Out! / 03

  1. I submitted a letter to the editor and a question to Gabby! And I am not quite sure what a craft tester is. Could you clarify? Oh, and also, what does the “03” mean in your post title? I was just curious. :) Anyway, I hope I helped you out! :)

    • Hi! I would be happy to clarify! We would send you the instructions for crafts appearing in the next issue, have you try them out, and give us suggestions to make them better. Fairly simple and very low-key :) Anyhoo, the “03” is there because this is our third help wanted post; it lets us keep track of them all. Thank you for your help!

      • Okay, that makes sense! Would you have a lot of people to be a craft tester, so that if some people didn’t want to make it and/or didn’t have the supplies wouldn’t have to make the craft?
        Because I might be interested, but sometimes I might not have the right supplies, etc. Or, sometimes you use Ever After High dolls or Hearts for Hearts, and I don’t have those brands.
        I hope this comment made sense! :)

    • Hi Tiara! We actually moderate all of our comments ourselves, so it may take a bit for them to appear. In your case, however, we chose not to approve it because it was blatant blog-promotion. Hope that makes sense, and thank you for stopping by! :)

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