Award Round-Up!


Before the hectic holiday season begins, the two of us wanted to thank the lovely readers who awarded Doll Mag in the past couple of weeks. We have had trouble keeping track of them all, but we appreciate each and every one! Here are our responses to the questions; we share the history of Doll Mag, new blogger advice, and what we’re thankful for below.

Blogger Recognition AwardBlogger Recognition Award Thank you Christian Homeschooler, Eunice, and Rebekah!

The Blogger Recognition Award asks bloggers to list how their site started and provide our best advice for new bloggers! Lulu is going to share how Doll Mag came to be :)

The Story of Doll Mag {as told by Lulu} / Once upon a time, Bella was starting to lose interest dolls. And so, one summer night in 2011, she went on the computer and created a tiny magazine for dolls! Lulu came downstairs and immediately joined in on the fun. The magazines were first shared on Lulu’s blog, theawesomeadventuresoflulu, and eventually, Doll Mag evolved into a large, amazingly formatted publication. With Doll Mag’s growing success, Bella decided it would be a good idea to start a blog. Here we are today – although we would be no where without the help from you!

Advice for New Bloggers / We’ve given plenty of advice for new bloggers over the past few years, but if there’s one thing that we have consistently shared, it’s quality over quantity. The two of us both agree that a well-executed post is much more fun to read than seven hastily written ones for each day of the week. A well-designed and easily-accessible site helps too!

Grateful Blogger TagThe Grateful Blogger Tag Thanks Cornelia and Blaire!

For this tag, recipients are asked to list ten things they are thankful for, perfect timing for this week.

Lulu is thankful for… / Her family, her friends {especially her best friend in the whole world, Bella}, creativity and writing, her teachers, and pandas!

Bella is thankful for… / Her family and friends {special shout-out to Lulu!}, her health, her education, good books, and Johnnie Boden {catch even more things she is thankful for HERE!}.

While both awards ask that you “pass” them on to other bloggers, we never feel comfortable choosing only a select few. If you haven’t participated in either tag, please feel welcome to join in on answering the questions. Thank you so much, friends – we hope you are having an awesome week!

Bella and Lulu


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