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Bri LogoHello my lovely readers! How was your turkey day?

You know? Since today is Thanksgiving, you can do the intro Bri!

Wasn’t I already doing that?

Oh, yeah. Never mind, carry on with what you’re doing.

Thank you! Today to celebrate Thanksgiving, my buds and I threw a super awesome party – check it out!

Bri SleepingI was peacefully asleep in my comfy cozy bed, when a terrible thought occurred to me. Last week, I had sent out fancy invitations to all my friends for a Thanksgiving party, but I had been so caught up with helping Lulu with her sewing that…

Bri Wakes Up“I didn’t make food, get decorations, or anything!”

Bri Calls Sienna“Sienna!” I said as I frantically dialed the phone. “Sienna! Are you there?” “Oh my gumdrops Bri! Why are you calling me right now?” I fingered my hair nervously, “Umm, know that big Thanksgiving gathering I was going to throw? Little problem. I have nothing done. At all.”

Sienna's Call“Alright, alright Bri. Don’t worry! I’ll be over soon. I just have to make one stop.” 

Sienna and Piper“Sienna?” Piper asked. Turns out Sienna’s mystery stop was to get some reinforcement. Sienna opened her mouth slowly, and Piper sighed (See, we’re such good friends, we can simply communicate with our faces). “I’ll be ready in a second.”

Bri's Plan“Thank you guys so much for coming!” I said happily, hugging my two friends. “You’re the best!” We gathered in the kitchen to come up with a game plan for the party. “Alright, I will handle decorations, Piper, you’re in charge of side dishes, and Sienna, you work on desserts.” With that, we set to work. 

Piper and Sienna set to workWithin no time, my besties were working hard on their yummy foods. Pies started piling up, potatoes were seasoned and cooked, and cookies were cooling. It all smelled delicious, but I was having my own (minor!) problems…

Bri and the TableclothUnfortunately, my normal party decorations weren’t exactly the right fit for a Thanksgiving feast. “It’s a pretty nice tablecloth,” I mumbled to myself, looking at our meager decorating supplies. “I think we need to call in another expert.”

Rubye helps outLuckily, the other expert had lots of extra supplies from her last Wonderland gala, and she came right over. “Rub-a-Dub!” I exclaimed happily, running up to help her carry in all the stacks of plates and colorful paper. 

Name Cards“We should make place cards too, right?” I suggested as Rubye neatened the silverware. “Great idea!” We quickly got to work, writing everyone’s names in playful letters on the thick paper. 

The FoodSoon, Rub-a-Dub and I were finished with our decorations, and we headed into the kitchen to see how Piper and Sienna were doing. “Everything look delicious!” I told them looking at the yummy food. 

The problem“There’s just one problem,” Piper told me. “What is it?!” Sienna answered for her, “There’s no turkey!” Before I could reply, there was a loud knock on the door. “One second!”

Cupid and Grace ArriveIn walked my last two guests, Grace and Cupid. “Hey,” I said to them, looking down at the empty spot on the table. “What’s wrong, Bri?” Grace asked. Cupid tilted her head, “Yeah. Grace and I made cupcakes, how can you be sad when there are cupcakes?” 

The power of cupcakes“That’s right! Cupcakes are the answer!” My five best friends looked at me curiously. “Instead of turkey, we shall have cupcakes.”

EndingTurns out cupcakes are a pretty good alternative! Our Thanksgiving turned out great, but with friends like mine, what could you expect? I do have amazing tastes in friends after all!

Have an awesome weekend, my lovelies!

Bri (And Lulu!)


5 thoughts on “Comments From Bri / 12

    • Thank you! Bella made Sienna’s bed as a birthday present for me using this tutorial. She replaced the styrofoam with balsa wood because it’s a bit easier to work with (and it already has the wood effect :) ) but either should work fine.

      Lulu :)

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