Seven Days of Style / Holiday Headquarters Edition!


Back by popular demand, it’s the Seven Days of Style: Holiday Headquarters edition! With the number of events that come with the holidays, December presents many opportunities for your doll to play around with her wardrobe. With that in mind, we’ve created seven outfits out of just ten pieces for any event that many come your doll’s way in the next few weeks. Are your dolls dressed for the holidays yet? {We spent Thanksgiving weekend dressing ours :)}

Seven Days of Style Holiday ItemsHere are the items you’ll need for this winter round {links will bring you to the AG store or AG wiki for reference}. As always, your doll doesn’t need the items shown to get the same effect. Dig through your own collection to find similar items, and have fun playing with different combinations!

Seven Days of Style: Holiday PartyHoliday Party: Knit Sweater, Flouncy Skirt, Festive Flats

Your doll’s holiday ensemble need not be a source of worry with party-ready pieces on hand. With a stunning hairstyle {think big curls, as Nicki has here, or an intricate bun}, a cozy winter sweater and multicolored skirt are perfect for an event with family and friends. Comfortable shoes, such as ballet flats, are a must if she plans to mingle all night long!

ays of Style: Window ShoppingWindow Shopping: Winter Sweater, Tutu Skirt, Cozy Boots

If your doll wants to go shopping downtown with friends, she’ll need to look cute and stay warm. Tutu skirts are a trendy piece that update any outfit, and tights can be added for the coldest of days. Pair it with her favorite winter sweater and beloved boots, and she will be ready to shop the day away.

ays of Style: Nutcracker BalletNutcracker Ballet: Long Sleeve Tee, Tutu Skirt, Festive Flats

The local production of The Nutcracker calls for something fancy. Think of unexpected pairings without losing the classy touch; Nicki pairs a casual tee with a fluffy skirt, but keeps it simple with her choice in shoes and hair. Have a color consistent throughout the outfit – it ensures your doll looks sophisticated, instead of sloppy!

ays of Style: Caroling NightCaroling Night: Puffy Coat, Leggings, Cozy Boots

She’ll make any homeowner smile when your doll is bundled up in style. Winter essentials, such as thick leggings and a long coat, remain stylish with chic cuts and unique touches {we love the fur cuffs and collar on Nicki’s jacket}. Pull her hair back in an easy ponytail before sending her out to sing.

ays of Style: Day on the SlopesSnow Day: Knit Sweater, Leggings, Cozy Boots

If your doll wakes up to no school, plan for a fun day in the snow. With the addition of cozy boots, a knit sweater and long leggings bring “ski style” back home. All she needs now?! A cup of hot cocoa to stay warm!

ays of Style: Wrapping PresentsGift-Wrapping Afternoon: Long Sleeve Tee, Rockin’ Dress, Festive Flats

With the help of furry friends and a cute outfit, that pile of presents will be wrapped in no time! Just as she can be creative with her gift-wrapping methods, be inventive with the pieces in your doll’s closet. Here, a dress is disguised as a skirt underneath a long-sleeve tee with the same color palette.

ays of Style: New Year's Eve PartyNew Year’s Eve Celebration: Rockin’ Dress, Puffy Coat, Festive Flats

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we’re sure your doll is ready to count down to 2015 on New Year’s Eve. From arriving in her fashionable coat to dancing in her sequined dress, she’ll be the most stylish one of the night. Don’t forget her noisemaker!

Have a terrific rest of your day!

Holiday Headquarters LogoDoll Mag is hosting Holiday Headquarters all month long! Be sure to check back for more holiday-themed fun. Have you made anything from Holiday Headquarters 2014? Be sure to send us a photo at dollmagblog[at]gmail[dot]com!



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