Lucy and Bridget Deck the Halls / Holiday Headquarters 2014


Lucy and Bridget on Couch One afternoon, Lucy and Bridget were doing a bit of coloring when their dog Meatloaf came running in. “Look Bridget!” Lucy said happily, “Meatloaf found the ornaments!”

Meatloaf and Ornaments Bridget giggled at the sight of the dog covered in sparkly tinsel and pulled Lucy over to the overflowing box. “Why don’t we go decorate the tree?” She asked. Meatloaf barked cheerfully in response.

Meatloaf and the sparklesMeatloaf pushed the box over to the bare tree with his nose, and pushed it over, letting the sparkly ornaments fall out. “Woof!” He barked at his reflection in the shimmery surface. “Silly Meatloaf!” Bridget laughed, petting his head. Lucy gathered a group of ornaments in her arms, and they began covering the tree in pops of color.

Bridget“I like the ones with the jingle bells,” Bridget announced as she carefully hug each hook onto branches. She tapped the jingle bells with her finger and released a series of high-pitched noises that filled the room.

Lucy “My favorites are the snow people! They’re so cute!” Lucy replied, squishing the fuzzy snow girl ornament in her hand.

Tree Soon the girls (and Meatloaf!) ran out of ornaments and they announced the tree to be done. “It looks perfect!” Lucy exclaimed, dancing around the glittering evergreen.

Tree 2“Doesn’t it?” Bridget replied, reaching up to the top branch to touch the topping ornament. “I especially like Meatloaf’s decorations…”

The EndThe End!

Have a great rest of your week!


Holiday Headquarters LogoDoll Mag is hosting Holiday Headquarters all month long! Be sure to check back for more holiday-themed fun. Made anything from Holiday Headquarters 2014? Be sure to send us a photo at dollmagblog[at]gmail[dot]com!



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