Holiday Roundup + Meet Dani!


Can you believe it’s already the end of December 2014? The year seems to have gone by so fast! Bella and I are so proud of how much our blog has grown, and we are thankful for each and every one of our fabulous readers. Before we head into the new year, Bella and I couldn’t help but squeeze in one last holiday-themed post about the thoughtful doll-related gifts we received this year.

Pippaloo Cookies1 >> Bella and I were each given a set of doll cookies from one of our favorite Etsy shops, Pippaloo! I received Bizcochito cookies for my Josefina doll, and Bella got holiday sugar cookies for her entire doll family to share. It always amazes us how realistic the clay treats end up looking :)

Julie Clothes2 >> Bella and I were also each given one of Julie’s new Beforever outfits. My doll Gabby absolutely adores her faux fur purple coat and Julie looks oh-so cute in her new holiday dress. Though, I do have a weakness for anything purple…

EAH Dolls in Dresses3 >> I was lucky enough to receive these amazing dresses (as well as a couple others) for my EAH dolls from this Etsy shop and this one. I think they fit each of the EAH girls’ personalities perfectly!

We also received a few other things that I didn’t get to take pictures of for this post, but not to worry! You’ll be seeing them in the very near future :)

Bri's Live Blog  Before we get to this post’s biggest surprise, I have one more thing to add (Promise)! Tomorrow, in honor of New Year’s Eve, Bri will be doing a special live blog post! Here are the details:

  • On December 31 (Tomorrow!) Bri will be having a New Year’s Eve party with her friends, and will be blogging an extra special post in honor of the event here on the Doll Mag blog. The post will be updated throughout the evening at every half hour. So, every 30 minutes, be sure to refresh your page to see what Bri is up to.
  • The event starts tomorrow evening at 8:30 PM E.T. and will run until 12:00 AM.
  • From 8:30 PM E.T. till 10:00 PM E.T. Bri will be online and responding to your comments! Sounds fun, right?

Alright, now the big surprise of this post… meet my new EAH doll, Dani!

WavingI had been wanting one of the Ashlynn Ella Ever After High dolls for awhile, so it was such a pleasant surprise to discover her Mirror Beach doll under my family’s tree on Christmas morning. She came out of her box right away and I immediately fell in love with this cutie! In my traditional EAH style, I renamed her – this time deciding on Daniella, or Dani for short! Coming up with her personality and favorites took a bit of time (and lots of help from Bella!), but I finally decided that she enjoys iced tea, surfing, volleyball, photography, and playing the trumpet. She’s an adorable doll and became best friends with the rest of the EAH dolls in no time!

Dani and I picked out a pretty ocean-themed background for her introductory photo shoot…

Dani (Fullshot)Here’s a full-shot of her lovely ensemble! That bathing suit is adorable.

Close-UpDoesn’t Dani look gorgeous? She’s ready for her close-up!

SunglassesI love the color palette of her bathing suit!

SandAfter taking a dive with the fish, Dani relaxed on the warm sand :)

Dani and I then headed outside, but first she changed into a more seasonally appropriate dress…

FenceFirst we took a few pictures at my favorite spot: the fence!

Half-ProfileHer hair is so shiny! (It even managed to escape the curse of box-hair!)

In the GardenAnd one last shot of her against the pretty blue sky!

Did you receive any doll-related goodies this holiday season?


6 thoughts on “Holiday Roundup + Meet Dani!

  1. Sounds like a fun Christmas!! Dani is absolutely gorgeous! I got the JC Penney’s set of Frozen coronation dolls and was able to get Tangled Ever After Eugene and Rapunzel with some Christmas money a few days later… Rapunzel (now named Cress) is already here!

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