Bri’s New Year’s Eve Live Blog


Bri's Live BlogHello all my fabulous readers! Welcome to my live blog-

Bri? How did you even get on here?

I have my ways. 

Okay…well, did you tell them about the live blog yet?

All in good time. 

Is that time now?

Yes it is. Tonight in honor of New Year’s Eve, I’ll be having a live blog where I’ll update you with my awesomeness throughout the evening! Here’s a quick overview so you know how everything works…

  • Lulu will be taking photos of all the awesome things I do tonight, and I will be updating this post every thirty minutes so you can see what happens. So, every half hour (8:30, 9:00, etc.), be sure to refresh your page to see what I’m up to.
  • The event starts right now (8:30 PM ET) and will run until 12:00 AM.
  • Starting right now, until 10:00 PM ET, I will be online and responding to your comments! Sounds fun, right?

Let the festivities begin! 

Bri Waves Goodbye(8:30) The evening started out perfectly fine! I threw a huge welcome party for our new friend Dani, and Rubye and her were going to sleepover once it finished. “Bye everyone!” I called out as Cupid closed the front door behind her. “See you in book club tomorrow!” Rubye added. The three of us plopped down on my super comfy couch when something dawned on me. “Dani, what day is it?” “The 31st,” She answered, “Why?” I jumped up, “Today is New Year’s Eve! We have to stay up till midnight and play games and have a party! You two go see if you can catch Cupid and Grace, I’ll call Sienna and Piper.” “But I’m in my pajamas!” Rubye exclaimed as Dani pulled her out the door. 

Bri Calls Sienna“Sienna?” I asked when the phone’s series of rings stopped abruptly. “Bri? I was just at your house!” I nodded, “I know, but I really need you to come back over and celebrate New Year’s Eve! Oh, and can you grab Piper on your way over?” “Okay,” She laughed, “but, you really have to stop calling me like this.”

Sienna Visits Piper(9:00) A few minutes after my phone call with Sienna, she called me back, this time from Piper’s house. “Um…Bri? I don’t know what to do. She’s asleep!” I considered this for a moment, “You could just drag the bed back to my house.” “I’m not going to do that! I’ll just wake her up.” 

The Guests ArriveRubye and Dani (along with Grace and Cupid) soon bursted through the door followed by Sienna and a still-sleepy Piper. “Hi Bri,” Grace said, yawning. “So what are we going to do? I was in the middle of saying goodnight to my teddy bear collection.” I thought quietly for a moment, “Anyone have any ideas?” 

Watching the Movie(9:30) After thinking for a bit, I decided we should kick the night off with a movie, so we all snuggled onto the couch and I started the laptop. “I can’t see anything!” Grace announced once the opening credits began to roll. “Me either!” Cupid answered. She shifted for a better view, but then… 

Seating Arrangementsour entire seating arrangement began to fall! “I think your couch is too small for all of us to sit on it, Bri,” Piper called out just as the laptop and I made our escape so I could update the post. “Does anyone have any other ideas?” 

Cupid's Resolution(10:00) “Why don’t we all come up with resolutions for the new year and write them down?” Cupid suggested a little while later. “Sounds perfect!” I announced and began ripping small bits off a sheet of lined paper. We passed the pile around and everyone began scribbling down their goals for 2015. 

Piper's Resolution“Um, Bri?” Piper asked. “Yes?” “I think you have an unexpected visitor.” We all glanced over to the high perch where Piper was sitting. Meatloaf, one of the AG pets, was eating her bit of paper! Dani slipped off the the couch and gently guided him outside where one of the 18 inch dolls was waiting. “What did you write down?” Grace asked once we were all back inside. Piper laughed, “Eat more apples!”

Dani's Lost Shoe(10:30) A little while later, Dani cried, “My slipper! I lost my slipper!” Everyone gasped and began searching for the missing shoe. “Why are Cinderella’s alway loosing their shoes?” I wondered as I peered under the couch. 

Rubye's Story“It was a dark and stormy night, and suddenly a shoe went missing. The possible suspects were all locked in one room, and they only had till midnight to find out who did it-” Rubye said in a dramatic voice until she was interrupted by Dani, “Never mind! I found it! And, anyways, we’re not locked in.”

P.S. Someone (coughLulucough) set a time for me to reply to you in the comments, but I’m cool with replying all evening, so no worries!

Cards(11:00) After all the commotion, Sienna suggested we play a game of cards to pass the time until midnight. “Why not?” Grace said. Rubye quickly distributed the cards and in no time we were in the midst of an intense game. “Why do you always win?” I cried as Rubye shuffled the deck again awhile later. “It must be rigged!” (Lulu’s note: it isn’t rigged)

Dani's suggestionGrace and Dani eventually brought out Apples-to-Apples after all the “commotion” was done. “Where’s Piper?” I asked, “She loves this game!” I was about to go on an epic search for her, but luckily, she and Cupid soon returned from the kitchen with some late night snacks. 

IMG_2833(11:30) Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

(Lulu’s Note: It seems Bri has fallen asleep, so I guess I’ll write the commentary: “Oh! Let’s go get ready to watch the ball drop on TV,” Piper said after a very exciting game of Apples-to-Apples. And with that, the EAH girls filed into the living room and managed to find seats on the couch when suddenly, loud snores began. “What’s that noise?” Cupid asked, looking around curiously. Sienna giggled, “It’s Bri! She’s fallen asleep!)

The Guests Arrive(12:00) I don’t know what you’re talking about! I was never asle-Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 

(Happy New Year!)

23 thoughts on “Bri’s New Year’s Eve Live Blog

  1. Hey girls! Looks like you are having a fun time this New Year’s Eve! Hope the festivities continue!
    P.S. (From the dolls, Holly to be specific) Cupid! I LOVE your hair! Soo cute!

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