AG January Release 2015 / Lulu’s Thoughts


I’m sure you’ve seen the 2015 GOTY, Grace Thomas, and her collection floating around the web for a while now; now that she’s been officially released, however, I can write up my thoughts on all of her new items! I was quite happy with AG’s new release, considering their less than amazing GOTY collections from the past couple years. Here’s what I thought of the new products…

Grace's Clothing1. Grace Doll / I will not be adding Grace to my collection, but I still think she’s adorable! I love her bright blue eyes and darker lips, and those side-swept bangs are very stylish. Her outfit is nothing amazing, but it’s still pretty cute.

2. Grace’s Baking Outfit / This is oh-so cute! I like the color combination of blue, black, and pink, and the dress-like apron is really cute. I know a lot of people were wondering whether the cupcakes on the shirt were really upside down, but no worries! They’re actually a mix of upside down and right side up.

3. Grace’s Pajamas / I love AG pajamas! Bella and I have a pretty large collection, so I really have no need to add anymore, though Grace’s PJ’s are quite cute. The color goes very nicely with her hair and I like the adorable print on the pants.

4. Grace’s Coat / I fell in love with this coat when I first saw it online; the color and style were both trendy and cute! I was all ready to buy it when Bella and I went to the store on Thursday, but once I saw it in person, I decided not to. It looked adorable, but I was unhappy with the material. The $28 price tag was also a little steep – it doesn’t even come with shoes! :(

5. Grace’s City Outfit / Instead of buying Grace’s coat as I planned, I ended up buying Grace’ adorable city outfit! It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day with the red sweater and heart details, although I have a feeling my doll Ellie will be wearing it throughout the year :)

6. Grace’s Opening Night Outfit / I can see why someone may like this dress, but I’m not really in love with it. The headband is too similar to the Talent Show Outfit for my tastes, and the combination of sequins and tulle are too overwhelming.

Grace's Furniture1. Grace’s Bakery / I would love to have this set, but $500 is out of my price range. It’s too bad though, because I love the details on the food and counters.

2. Grace’s Bistro Set / This cute set is a very good alternative for the expensive bakery, isn’t it? I personally prefer Grace’s cart to her bistro, but the turquoise chalkboard is very tempting!

3. Grace’s Pastry Cart / I think Grace’s Pastry Set may be coming home with us sometime soon! I love the countertop print and swirling wheels, but the most appealing thing about this set is the large amount of doll-sized sweets. They may be a little out of scale, but they’re still cute.

Grace's Accessories1. Grace’s Luggage / I’ll admit that I originally thought this set was pretty boring, but after seeing it in person, the suitcase and accessories have grown on me! I especially like the suitcase’s polka-dot lining :)

2. Grace’s Welcome Gifts / These are okay, I guess. There’s not really a need for them unless you have the Grace doll, but they could make cute photo props.

3. Grace’s Paris Accessories / My opinion on this set is basically the same as Grace’s Welcome Gifts. They’re cute, but they don’t allow for much play opportunities. The fingerless gloves are adorable though!

4. Grace’s Dog (Bonbon) / I always find the GOTY pets cute, but never enough to buy them. It’s the same situation with Grace’s dog Bonbon. I do find it quite fun that the collar matches Grace’s outfits though!

5. Grace’s Baking Set / This might be my absolute favorite thing from the entire release! I’m in love with the little mixer and the mini recipes and tablet are just added fun. I think Bella and I may be buying this in the near future.

What are your thoughts on the release?


P.S. Be sure to check out our Grace Thomas Pinterest board for all the latest news on this GOTY cutie!


6 thoughts on “AG January Release 2015 / Lulu’s Thoughts

  1. Grace is adorable. I’m not sure if she will join my doll family or not, but like her and her collection. I also like that there is a philanthropic endeavor attached to her story. Of her clothes the coat and city outfit are my favorites. I haven’t seen the coat in person, so will not purchase until I do (or it goes on sale). My issue with the city outfit – the shoes. Why are they pink? Personally, I don’t like pairing pink with red; however, I have two other pairs of shoes that would go nicely with that outfit. Her accessories are cute. Especially, if you get the doll. If not, I’d like to add the Paris accessories and baking set.

  2. I loved reading your thoughts! One of the first things I thought when I saw the Opening Night Outfit was “that looks like Samantha’s meet outfit”. I think it looks a little too much like it, in fact. It just doesn’t have any lace.

  3. I love Grace! I’m hoping to get her for my Birthday. Because she looks like me, loves France like me and my middle name is Grace! lol Plus, I don’t own any GOTY’s so it would be fun to get one!

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