101 Dollmations / 04

101 DollmationsThere’s a bit of animation news in the Doll Mag headquarters this month! For the holidays, I received a wonderful tripod as a gift, and you know what that means? I no longer need to balance (and occasionally tape) our camera on a large pile of boxes for my stop motions anymore. Hooray!   In other news, all you doll animators were very busy this month! I found all sorts of fun, wintery videos and channels that I can’t wait to share with you in today’s post, so let’s get to it…

Five Doll Stars8. For my first pick of the post, I have the channel Five Doll Stars, which I actually mentioned in December for my holiday 101 Dollmations post (which was a totally different format, so therefore this still counts). The voices and movements are all very realistic, which just adds to the fun of the videos. My favorite one so far is still the sledding movie, but maybe I’m just in a snowy mood. :)

Rockstar 13 Studios9. This channel is just so much fun to watch! All the movements look natural and the stories are cute and funny. As you know, I have a bit of a weakness for videos with Meatloaf or Coconut in them, so “The Dog Doggie Disaster” is definitely a favorite, although “The Great Outdoor Adventure” is also quite good.

Just Smile Studios10. Finally, we have Just Smile Studios, who make hilarious AGSMs with great sets and fun characters. My favorite videos from them are the holiday themed ones, but the ultimate winner for me is “The Thanksgiving Cook-off” – it’s very enjoyable.

And now for this month’s Lulu Original animation! This one stars my doll Payton (and her puppy Meatloaf!) at the school talent show. Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

And as always, you can find out more information on my stop motions or watch some more mini movies on my Youtube channel.

Have a great week everyone and thanks for your patience during our short blogging break! We’ll be back with an intro photo shoot and a few blogging tips.



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