Craft / Doll Sleeping Bag


Make a Doll-Sized Sleeping BagAs the daughter of Sleeping Beauty, our very own Bri knows the fun of a cute sleeping bag. Bri, a party-lover at heart, also realizes the best way to spend a winter night is to invite friends over for a sleepover. It only makes sense then that Bri’s love of naps and celebrations inspired our latest craft: an Ever After High sleeping bag! With a cheeky message on front, our craft is sure to liven up any EAH sleepover – or provide another sleeping spot if your doll family is always growing :) While we hand-sewed our sleeping bag shut, please note sewing skills are not required to whip up this craft; hot glue or fabric glue are easy substitutes.

Sleeping Bag MaterialsYOU WILL NEED…

  • Regular scissors
  • Fabric scissors
  • Marker, such as a black Sharpie
  • Sheet of fleece
  • Felt in contrasting color
  • Thread that matches the color of the felt
  • Needle
  • Print out of message in desired font {We used Facile Sans for ours!}

Sleepover DirectionsTO MAKE

  1. Use the fabric scissors to cut out a piece of fleece eleven by nine inches.
  2. Use scissors to cut out your letters.
  3. Trace the letters backwards on the piece of felt with the marker. Use scissors to cut them out.
  4. Thread your needle, and sew the letters on the front of the sleeping bag. Finally, stitch the bottom and side of the sleeping bag.

Make a Doll-Sized Sleeping BagBri asks why not make a sleeping bag this week?

Happy Tuesday!


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