Working on Wednesdays / 28


The road from our first idea to the final cover is a long – but certainly fun – one! While we shared photos from our November/December cover in our last Working on Wednesdays, Lulu and I wanted to kick off the feature in 2015 with more behind-the-scenes shots from the latest issue.

Need a quick refresher on what the purpose of Working on Wednesdays is? We don’t blame you – it’s been a bit since we’ve done the feature on a regular basis. The two of us often receive questions and comments from readers about Doll Mag’s “behind-the-scenes” aspects, whether it be setting up a blog or using Powerpoint to create images. Lulu and I are using your feedback to create new features for our site, but Working on Wednesdays gives us a chance to post a few images of our previous or current projects. You can view the entire archive of WOW posts HERE!

Working on Wednesdays 28_2We don’t take our cover photo in one shot; in fact, for the January/February issue, we took dozens of practice pictures the night before! Here, you can see how low-key we keep our set-up – and Lulu’s thumb of approval :)

Working on Wednesdays 28Of course, Bri makes an appearance in each and every Doll Mag project. Her snowman dress seemed especially festive for this shoot!

What have you been working on lately?

Have a lovely rest of your day!



3 thoughts on “Working on Wednesdays / 28

  1. Love these pictures! We’ve been working on a Mini Adventure and a birthday party. Oh, and Lanie is chomping at the bit to tell everyone about her trip to Coolspring from October. She’s been patient, but I think it is starting to wear thin. :)

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