Meet Kitty!


Kitty Cheshire was immediately became one of my favorite characters when I first heard about EAH a couple of years ago. I loved everything about her – the purple hair, the purple dress, the purple tights. She was purr-fect! So you can imagine my excitement when I first saw pictures of her doll back in October. Unfortunately, her release was delayed for awhile because of some production mishaps, and I was left waiting and waiting. A couple weeks ago, several announcements appeared on Ever After High blogs that Kitty Cheshire was in stock on But then, when I finally got on the stock page – she was no longer available! (Cue evil music!) Luckily, my obsessive internet skills made sure that I was ready the next time she was in stock. And here she is…

Kitty-Full ShotKitty Cheshire! Isn’t she adorable? Unlike most of my other EAH dolls, (besides Cupid, of course) Kitty’s name is staying the same as her original one, although I did add the middle name Katrina. (Kitty Kat Cheshire–isn’t that cute?) I’ve decided that she enjoys plays, mystery novels, knitting, cats, hanging upside down, writing, spy shows, and Kit-Kats! Oh, and purple of course. :)

Kitty and I couldn’t wait to have a photo shoot (with the help of a few very special friends)…

Kitty's KittyKitty immediately became best buds with this cute little black cat. She named him Wonderland!

Kitty and the CatsWonderland couldn’t wait to introduce Kitty to all his friends! (Kitty and the Cats–sounds like a band name, doesn’t it?)

Kitty and RubyeRubye was eagerly awaiting the arrival of her bestie too! She and Kitty couldn’t wait to take some pictures together.

Kitty on FenceAnd of course, Kitty had to go take her photo on the fence outside, as is EAH tradition. Despite the cold, she still managed to hang upside down. :)

Have a great rest of your week,

Lulu and Kitty


18 thoughts on “Meet Kitty!

    • She does look a bit like Clawdia! I’m not sure if she will be the only one with a smiling face, (I know she was given one because she’s the daughter of the Cheshire Cat) but we’ll have to see! :)

      Thanks for commenting!

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