Work It Like a Boss / Mastering PowerPoint


Work it Like a Boss Mastering PowerPointWe apologize for our sporadic blogging this month – our schedules have been busy! Fortunately, our inconsistent posting hasn’t prevented the two of us from creating a new series for the Doll Mag site; we’re calling it “Work It Like a Boss” :) Named after one of Lulu’s favorite expressions, this feature will cover a variety of topics for you to master, many of which are inspired by your own questions. We figured the best subject to start with would be PowerPoint, an invaluable resource for us as bloggers, editors, and students.

To introduce you to the basics of PowerPoint to make images and other files, I’ve made a step-by-step tutorial for you to follow. I’m working on a MacBook Pro with the 2011 version of PowerPoint, but with a bit of patience, any computer and PowerPoint edition will work!

Step OneYou’ve got the first step: Open up PowerPoint with a white background. Delete the title and subtitle text boxes; you won’t be needing them.

Step TwoNext, press the themes tab, then find the page set-up button. Open it to edit the slide size. For our example, we won’t be changing much. Just flip the slide from landscape format to portrait dimensions.

Step ThreeFor this step-by-step example, I’ve plucked book cover images from my TBR list to make a “2015 Releases I Want to Read” image. Not much of a reader? Make a graphic of new movies you can’t wait to see, a wish list of American Girl items you would love to get, or clothing pieces you want in your closet – the most important part of this step is finding your images {And remember, like anything you do on the Internet and plan to share, keeping track of your sources is important!}.

Step FourTo make a title for your image, move your pictures off to the side and insert a text box. I like to make my text boxes the width of the slide; my words are always centered that way. Pick a font {or two!} to use.

Step FiveWant to add another line of text? Feel free to add another text box, following the same steps as above.

Step SevenNow, bring your pictures back into the center of the slide. Resize as needed by using the tools under the “Format Picture” tab.

Step EightIt’s time to add some color! To change the color of your typeface, simply find the capital “A” with a bar of color underneath and highlight the text you would like to change.

Step NineYou can also press the “Format” tab and find the “Fill” Button to change the color of your text.

Step TenWhile there’s nothing wrong with the preset theme colors, pressing “more colors” brings you more options for you to experiment with. Red is a common color among these book covers, so I’ve chosen it for my title!

Step ElevenIf you want your text to have a colored border, as my subtitle does, press the “Line” button to change the color. The weight of the lines can also be changed under the same tab.

Step Twelve Part OneYou can change the background color using, as one may guess, the background button under the “Themes” tab…

Step Twelve Part TwoOr you can add one block of color by inserting a rectangle and changing its fill and line color. Don’t forget to get rid of the shadow, as it’s an easy step to miss.

Step ThirteenPerhaps you want to number your books, movies, or wish list items? Add a circle, resizing the shape to fit your needs, then begin with the number “1!”

Step FourteenChange the font of the numbers by highlighting the digit and choosing a typeface from your collection.

Step FifteenCopy your first circle, and repeat it as needed for each item in your collection.

Step SixteenYou did it – you made your first image! The last step that remains is saving.

Step SeventeenFirst, rename your file and save it as a PowerPoint presentation for future reference.

Step EighteenThen, save it as the image file of your choice {I usually save my files as PNG’s}.Step NineteenAnd you’re done! Make blog images, school study guides, or online magazines to your heart’s content :)

Slide1What program do you use to make images? Are there future topics you would like us to cover in the “Work It Like a Boss” series?

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


12 thoughts on “Work It Like a Boss / Mastering PowerPoint

  1. Wonderful tutorial! Maybe you could post something on how to do good backdrops for photo-shoots? ‘Cause I can never seem to get that right.

  2. Thats awesome! but i am not sure how to update microsoft power point. Mine is outdated so i can’t do those things. do you happen to know how to update it? thank you.

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