Comments From Bri / 15


Bri LogoDo you know what time it is? 

Time for me to write the intro?


Can it be?


Are you sure?




Fine…then it’s time for-

TRIVIA WITH BRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The new game show hit! Watch it below!

Watch it?


Overhead ShotWelcome to Trivia with Bri! The game show where you’re awesome no matter what! If you win, you’ll win fabulous prizes! What are those fabulous prizes you ask? Who’s playing? Who’s in the audience? Who’s keeping track of these points? Why do game show hosts use so many exclamation points? Find out the answers to these questions and more after the short break. 

Bri as HostWelcome back! I’m your host, Bri Beauty: the one who will be asking those hard-to-answer trivia questions, talking really fast, and holding that weirdly-long microphone. (AKA the coolest person on the show!) Let’s meet the rest of our game show crew, shall we? 

DaniFirst up, we have my partner-in-crime, Dani! Her job is to keep track of the contestants points, gesture a lot, and announce the prizes. 

ContestantsAnd then of course, we have the contestants! Today’s trivia-anwserers are the ever fabulous Piper, the creatively cool Sienna, and the riddling cutie, Kitty-Cat!

AudienceLast, but not least, we have the amazing studio audience! We would be nothing without them! Let’s give them all a round of applause. 

Question #1Alright-y! Time for question #1! “What three things did I talk about in my first ever post?” “Beep!” Rang Piper’s buzzers. “Oh! You got a new closet, complained about how Isabelle stole your style, and discussed the importance of high heels.” The “correct” music played in the background. “You’re absolutely positively right!” I announced as Dani placed a points sign under Piper’s name. 

question 2“Okay, time for question #2! What did Cupid give Sienna at her Hollywood birthday party?”

Sienna Answers“I know! I know!” Sienna cried. “Popcorn!” Before the correct music could play, Cupid shouted, “That’s right!” (And then she munched on some popcorn.) 

Kitty Guesses“Question #3! What did Rubye give me for my birthday last year?” No one rang their buzzers. “Piper? Sienna?” Both of them shook their head. “Kitty?” Kitty raised an eyebrow, “I don’t know? Cards?” The correct music played loudly. “Wait, really?” Kitty asked in disbelief. 

All tied upEventually the contestants were all tied up: “And now, for the extra hard, final, tie-breaking question: What three things did Grace wish for when I was her genie?” 

SilenceSilence. “Anybody?” I announced. 

Grace Knows“I know,” Grace called out from the audience. “I wished for porridge, for the porridge to disappear, and for you to go away.” “That is correct!” I exclaimed, “And since the contestants are still tied; everyone’s a winner!” Piper raised her hand, “What’s the prize though?” I felt my jaw drop, “Oh yeah…the prize…is….that…um….COMMERCIAL BREAK!” 


Keep on Bri-ing cool,

Bri (And Lulu!)


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