Working on Wednesdays / 29


Working on Wednesdays 29Lulu and I are hard at work on our next issue, especially with our unexpected days off due to the snow; the spring-y fun is a welcome change in the midst of winter weather. One article we can’t wait to share with you is our two-page spread dedicated to Barbie, in honor of her anniversary in March and Barbie Day in April. Plenty of sources have come as great help, but my elementary school project on the history of Barbie is one we turn to a LOT :)

Working on Wednesdays 29My project includes plenty of information for our article, but looking through it is a fun trip down memory lane too! It’s strange to see how much my handwriting and style of drawing has changed over the course of several years.

Working on Wednesdays 29We hope you’ll check out the final article when we release the new issue on March 1st, but in the meantime, let’s talk school projects! Have you ever researched dolls or a certain type of doll for school? My Barbie book was for my independent study project in elementary school, and Lulu made a pretty poster about American Girl for school a few years ago.

Have an amazing {snow} day!



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