Staff Picks / January 2015


Staff Picks Jan 2015It seems like just yesterday when we were welcoming Grace to the AG collection, but the new year is moving right along. Before we close out January, however, the two of us wanted to highlight our favorite posts and doll news from the past month. If these past few weeks are any indication, 2015 is a year for the doll bloggers! :)

1 / We think everything Clarisse posts is adorable, but her sister, Pippa’s introduction is too cute for words. From the matching hats to the snuggly winter wear, this is one stylish {doll} family.

2 / Our backyard is currently covered in snow, so the Confessions of a Doll Collector’s Daughter review of the Kurhn Spring doll is definitely a welcome reminder of the upcoming warmer months. The lovely photography makes this pretty doll look even more gorgeous!

3 / Time for Lulu’s monthly EAH pick! Many Ever After High dolls were revealed this month, but the adorable Ginger Breadhouse is definitely a favorite. Lulu just loves her cute sweets-themed accessories and pink hair (Bri approves!).

4 / We’ve come across several “copycat” tutorials of Grace items, but this patisserie apron pattern from Many Small Friends is the most impressive. While we have our freebies from the American Girl Store GOTY debut, the post almost has us convinced to make our own.

5 / Christina’s photos are stunning, so much so that it was hard to pick just one photo story from Simply Dollightful to feature! However, the post of the dolls’ time at the cabin won us over with their excellent taste in reading – Little Women is the best.

6 / We’re big Pride and Prejudice fans here at the Doll Mag household, so the review of the Mr. Darcy tea flavor over at Teatime with Melody Q. was a very fun read! Lulu always enjoys their helpful tips and conversations.

What were your favorite doll things this month?

Lulu and Bella

4 thoughts on “Staff Picks / January 2015

  1. Hi! Thank you for the shout out. I’m so glad you enjoyed our post on the Mr. Darcy tea. We have two more to review in that sampler. Stay tuned. :-D

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