Monthly Recap / January 2015


Monthly RecapEven with our short week, we here at Doll Mag are tuckered out; thankfully, it’s nothing that a weekend of reading, blogging, and baking can’t fix! In the meantime, we wanted to start up our monthly recaps again. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and winter break, our last one was {crazily} in October. Here’s how our January went – we would love to hear highlights of your month as well!

What We Loved ♥ January always starts with a trip to American Girl; seeing Grace in person confirmed what a cutie she is {and Lulu snagged her City Outfit}! The next few weeks zipped by with school projects, outings with friends, and after-school activities, but we still managed to fit in time for our new obsession: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Jane Austen fans, do yourself a favor and watch, or risk the wrath of Lulu :) Finally, we were sure we were going to have a winter with no snow days {INSANE, we know}, but the snow hit last week and won’t be leaving anytime soon.

January 2015 RecapReader’s Favorites ♥ Magazine (Winter 2015) / Meet Kitty! / AG January Release 2015 (Lulu’s Thoughts)

Lulu’s Favorites ♥ Make a Doll Sleeping Bag / Work It Like a Boss: Mastering PowerPoint / Working on Wednesdays (28)

Bella’s Favorites ♥ Working on Wednesdays (29) / AG January Release 2015 (Bella’s Thoughts) / Comments From Bri (15)

Doll Mag Around the Web ♥ Doll Diaries / Doll Diaries

From Readers ♥ We didn’t receive any photos from readers this month.

Random Updates ♥ We added new buttons to the side of our site so that the links to ask Gabby questions, sign up for a shop owner interview, or send us a letter are all easy-peasy to find.

Looking Ahead ♥ We have little doubt that February will be terrific. Lulu has auditions for her school’s one-act play festival next week to prepare for; she’s hoping to impress by going for a cast part AND the costumes position. She also can’t wait for Valentine’s Day, which is such a fun day of the year. Bella, on the other hand, won’t be leaving the auditorium with all of the tech-ing coming up! She’s super excited to help out with her school’s Cabaret production, and later, she’ll be backstage stage managing her school’s one-act play competition entry. Best of luck to us both {can we wish ourselves luck?! :)}. Finally, the two of us are eagerly anticipating the Boden Warehouse Sale on Saturday. It’s an outing we look forward to all year long.

Have a lovely Sunday!

Bella and Lulu


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