Seven Days of Style / February 2015


We have so much fun shooting and writing the Seven Days of Style, and we are doing our best to post them on a monthly basis – or at least every holiday :) With Valentine’s Day coming up in a few short weeks, this month’s collection of outfits is made up of plenty of red and pink pieces. Our freckled cutie, Ellie, models the seven ensembles below! If you want more outfit inspiration, you can see the last Seven Days of Style HERE.

The two of us apologize for the lack of an item photo, but as always, here are the links to each piece used; clicking on them will bring you to the AG website or the AG Wiki page for reference.

February 2015 Seven Days of StyleSunday: Lacy Top, Sparkly Shorts, Pink Flats

An outing with friends is the perfect time to dress up! While these three trendy pieces match, the coordination isn’t over-the-top thanks to the subtle details on top and bottom. With this chic pairing, a voluminous ponytail is all she needs before heading out the door.

February 2015 Seven Days of StyleMonday: Coconut Tee, Reversible Skirt, Pink Flats

A flouncy skirt and an adorable tee instantly rid of Monday morning blues! Pink is the color that ties everything together here, but the less girly need not worry: any color can be used to coordinate a tee and skirt combo. Finally, twisting the hair back before securing into pigtails frames her face – it works with braids too!

February 2015 Seven Days of StyleTuesday: Love Sweater, Heart Patch Jeans, Pink Flats

Math test, a student council meeting, and band practice have nothing on this sharp ensemble! A cherry-red sweater and comfy boyfriend jeans are comfortable choices, no matter how busy her schedule. A quick pin in her hair is a necessary skill to learn for busy mornings.

February 2015 Seven Days of StyleWednesday: Geometric Sweater, Lacy Top, Heart Patch Jeans, Pink Flats

The school week is halfway-done, so celebrate with a stylish – and comfy – outfit! Though the lacy white top is sophisticated, a messy braided crown, a big sweater, and boyfriend jeans keep her outfit casual. New to the braided crown trend? Simply braid your doll’s hair on both sides and pin in the back. Cute and easy!

February 2015 Seven Days of StyleThursday: Lacy Top, Reversible Skirt, Pink Flats

A reversible skirt is an invaluable piece in your doll’s wardrobe. A quick flip provides a new choice in styling; here, the light pink skirt pairs perfectly with the lace shirt and ballet flats. This darling ensemble only needs a mini fishtail braid, with a few choice fly-aways, to finish the look.

February 2015 Seven Days of StyleFriday: Coconut Tee, Sparkly Shorts, Blue High Top Sneakers

It can be daunting to wear a new trend, like sparkly shorts, to school, but there’s no day like Friday to try one out! Fortunately, a fun graphic tee and colorful high tops help to ease any worries, and a simple hairstyle {we have Ellie in a half-up style here} lets the chic pair of shorts shine.

February 2015 Seven Days of StyleSaturday: Light Pink Dress, Pink Flats

Finally, Valentine’s Day calls for a stylish dress, like this fashionable pink number! The only accessories needed are a pair of pink flats; the chic cut, ruffled layers, and bow belt ensure she’ll look cute no matter how she celebrates.

Have a terrific Tuesday!


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