Craft / Valentine’s Day Mailbox


Slide1As a kid, the best part about Valentine’s Day was easily the classroom celebration. The afternoon was spent passing out homemade cards or store-bought goodies to classmates, candy and freebies were to be brought home, and the anticipation of February vacation was near. Although we no longer have a school celebration to look forward to, that doesn’t mean our dolls need to miss out on the fun. Whipping up a mailbox to hold their valentines is super easy, and it looks cute too!

IMG_3795To make your mailbox, print out the template HERE and trace it on colored card stock or scrapbook paper. Cut it out before decorating. We had a spare sticker from Valentine’s Day past, and the two of us hot glued paper hearts to the side as well.

IMG_3803The last step? Finding Valentine’s Day cards to fill it with! Zoey’s letters are from a Martha Stewart craft kit, but you can print our freebie from last year HERE too.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Happy Thursday! :)


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