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American Girl’s spring releases can be a mixed bag, as one can see with Thursday’s new items for the historical, My American Girl, and Bitty lines. Some of the products the two of us ADORE, but others have us questioning AG’s taste; it’s no different in this year’s lineup of bright colors, pastel prints, and expensive accessories. As we do with every American Girl release, I’m popping in today to share my favorite and least favorite items, and Lulu will be back soon with her thoughts on the entire rollout. What items caught your eye?February 2015 Release[a] Tennis Pro Outfit Much of this new release left me underwhelmed, but the moment I saw the Bitty Twins’ tennis ensemble, I declared it a favorite. While I don’t ask for or buy Bitty outfits often, I would love our darling twins Lucy and Bridget to sport this cute set sometime this spring :)

[b] Samantha’s Special Day Dress Samantha’s collection can be overwhelmingly pink, so I found her new mint-green dress a refreshing addition to her wardrobe. The stylish details of the dress and the inclusion of shoes, tights, and a fun pink hair bow is worth the $32 price tag – or so I hope! If the dress is just as pretty in person as it is online, I can see this going home with me for Ruthie to rock all spring long.

[c] Sunshine Gardening Bench Set AG has a number of gardening sets in their archives, but I’m delighted that they have finally included a bench to store all of the tiny accessories! The purple color would not have been my first choice {an aim at the target audience, and not realism, I presume}, but I imagine this would be a great set for both play and photography.

February 2015 Release[a] Sunshine Garden Outfit At first glance, I thought these were pajamas! I adore the colorful plaid shorts, but the strange cut of the top, the impractical wedge sandals, and the lack of color coordination have me cringing otherwise. The gardening set may be a hit, but this gardening outfit is certainly a miss.

[b] Samantha’s Flower Picking Set Sam looks gorgeous in a variety of colors, so I was saddened to see yet another pink, frilly dress added to her collection. American Girl knows what sells {generalizing greatly, but pink is usually a big seller with the target age group}, but I personally won’t be seeking this next time I head to the AG store.

[c] Beachy Hair Beads Finally, I appreciate the idea behind the hair beads since they have been a trend for who knows how long, but the final result just looks cheap. With a bit of creativity, I’m sure at least one doll fan could whip up a homemade version for less money and packaging.

If you want to browse the new items yourself, click HERE.

Have an amazing Saturday!



6 thoughts on “AG February Release 2015 / Bella’s Thoughts

  1. Mmm……I agree. Sam’s green dress is freakin’ AWESOME, but the gardening outfit looks like a Bitty Baby outfit because of the strange cut of the top. I could make the bead things any day, plus they look rather clunky in the dolls’ hair. And Sam’s frilly pink dress is just drowning in too many frills and too much pink.
    However, I do have to disagree with you on one point – I’m not a fan of the gardening bench set. I do love the idea, and the accessories are cute, but it just looks far too plastic-y for my taste. Plus, they called it a “bench” when I can’t seem to find any room for a doll to sit…..(if I’m wrong on that last point please do correct me).
    Happy Valentine’s Day, btw! :)

    – Ellie

    • I totally see your points about the bench; it’s a hit or a miss piece, depending on your perspective. I too don’t see a place for the doll to sit – how odd! Thank you for stopping by and a happy {very belated} Valentine’s Day! :)

  2. I really like the gardening bench. Agree wholeheartedly about the beachy hair beads. They seem to be along the same line as the clip in braid…we can do this ourselves.

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