AG February Release 2015 / Lulu’s Thoughts


There was a flurry of excitement in the doll world last week with the new American Girl release, and I have to say that I’m a big fan of many of the items, despite some high prices being thrown in to the mix and the fact that my lovely Josefina got no new items. :( Today I finally got a chance to sit down and write up my thoughts on the entire release (excluding items I have deemed unnecessary *coughbeachbeadscough*) and I would love to hear your thoughts too. Comment away!

My AG 1 >> Boho Beachy Swimsuit >> I don’t love this, but I don’t hate it either. I like the colors, but the pattern and flip flops aren’t amazing. The ruffle across the middle is a nice touch, but the extra one at the bottom just looks odd, as well as the beads on the strap.

2 >> Garden Outfit >> I was actually under the impression that this was sleepwear until Bella told me that it was supposed to be an everyday outfit. The wedges are actually pretty cute, but the cut and material of the shorts and top are too pajama-like for my tastes.

3 >> Sparkly Jazz Outfit >> I’m not a big fan of the accessories in this outfit (I just don’t really like choker necklaces or fingerless gloves) but the actual leotard is quite cute! The bright red color is looks great on lots of dolls, and you can’t go wrong with a sparkly top.

4 >> Soccer Uniform >> This is another one of those ‘I don’t love it, but don’t hate it’ outfits. We’ve seen these colors from AG before, so they’re nothing new, but I do like the vibrant green knee socks.

5 >> Shimmer & Lace Party Dress >> This dress could be a hit or miss depending on which doll is wearing it. The color could wash some dolls out, but that may just be because of the lighting in the photo. I like the sheer neckline and sequins, but the dress would probably look better without the flower and white underskirt peeking out at the bottom.

6 >> Garden Bench >> I really love this set! The color, the accessories (except for those totally out-of-scale butterflies), that birdhouse – they’re all just so adorable! This may be coming home with us very soon…

7 >> Pretty Ballet Set >> Bella and I have the 2-in-1 Ballet Set from a few years ago and we use it quite often, so I was glad to see that AG brought back a similar set this time around. While I don’t like the pieces as much as the older ones, these ones are a very cute alternative.

Bitties1 >> Hole-In-One Outfit >> Since I have no Bitty Boy dolls, I really have no need for this outfit, but it sure is cute! I love the vibrant colors and cute golf club, and would definitely buy it if I had a use for it. It’s nice to see the boy dolls getting some cute outfits too.

2 >> Tennis Pro Outfit >> This might be my favorite thing of the entire release! The accessories are a bit out of scale, but I understand the precautions for the younger girls’ outfits. Pink and orange look great on both my and Bella’s Bitty Twins, so I have a feeling this will be purchased in the near future.

3 >> Pastel Carousel Dress >> This dress is cute, but a bit forgettable. The colors are a classic Bitty Baby combination, which allows for lots of mix-and-match opportunities, but I’m not dying to get it. The print on the dress skirt is quite cute though!

4 >> Basics Sweet Dots Top >> I really have no idea why this top and the leggings below aren’t sold together. (Other than being able to price them higher.) It is a pretty adorable top though, and I like the ruffle.

5 >> Basic Elephants Leggings >> The case for these leggings is basically the same as above: oddly sold, pricey, but very cute. That pattern is just the best! (I think I have a weakness for elephants…especially  blue ones…)


1 >> Julie’s Mix-Print Maxi Dress >> I really like this color combo on Julie! The bright yellow and pink-purple are bright, cheerful, and very eye-catching. I don’t think any of my dolls would wear this set, but if I owned Julie or Ivy, I would definitely pick this up for them. The accessories are a bit odd though…

2 >> Kit’s Overalls >> Hooray! Kit has her overalls again! While these ones do sport a lot more flowers and color than the old ones, they still seem like something I could see her wearing. I love the subtle print on the overalls and that headband looks great with Kit’s short hair. That chicken in the photo keeps giving me the evil eye though…I think she’s scheming blog domination…

3 >> Julie’s Skateboarding Set >> At first I, being the total non-skateboarding expert I am, was quite confused at the size of the skateboard in this set: How could any doll possibly stand on it? Is it just an odd prototype? Does the photo have strange accessory-minimizing powers? With the help of Pinterest comments I realized that it’s modeled after a specific style called a Banana Board. My curiosity was then satisfied, so I could finally take a look at the outfit. I like the rainbow-theme, but I don’t love it, and prefer Julie and Ivy’s car washing outfits to this one.

4 >> Addy’s Dress and Sewing Set >> It’s just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty! :) The sewing theme! The colors! The cut! The pattern! The price! Addy rocks this outfit and the entire release.

5 >> Rebecca’s Seashore Set >> I know a lot of AG fans were doubting the historical accuracy of this outfit, but I think the style fits the time period just fine. The colors might not be exactly true to what was worn in 1914, but you have to remember that a lot of AG’s target audience (I’m generalizing here.) like the color combination of dark purple and magenta, (as do I. :) ) The beach chair is also pretty cute, and I like it better than some of the other historical accessories that came out with this release.

6 >> Kaya’s Modern Fancy Shawl Outfit >> While I’m all for Kaya getting a new outfit, I was just wondering why Kaya’s clothes aren’t usually from her time period? (Edit: Xyra helpfully explained this in the comments – our readers are the best. :) ) I think Kaya looks fabulous in red and I adore the patterns in this outfit, but the price seems pretty high considering that you get about the same amount of things as Kaya’s Pow-Wow Dress of Today, which is $12 cheaper.

Samantha Parkington

1 >> Samantha’s Traveling Bag >> Oh look. A bag. I guess it’s a nice color?

2 >> Samantha’s Garden Gazebo >> This gazebo would be gorgeous for photos, but I can’t see very much play value. I can imagine a little girl saving up all her money for it and then playing with it constantly for a couple days…and then eventually forgetting about it. It is very visually pleasing however, and the colorful lanterns are a fun detail.

3 >> Samantha’s Flower Picking Set >> I want to like this set. I really, really do. But something just seems off about it to me. The pattern and neckline look fabulous, and I have to admit that Sam pulls off pink like a champ, but I just can’t figure out what’s so unappealing about it. Perhaps I just have to see it in person?

Side Note: Samantha has an entire set devoted to flower picking?

4 >> Samantha’s Special Day Frock >> It’s not entirely pink! *Gasp!* Despite being a strong believer in the color pink, I am terribly sick of seeing it pop up in most Samantha’s collection, so this was a very refreshing surprise. Her hair looks great with the mint green, and the lace details really help pull the look together.

Side Note: Something about calling a dress a “frock” just makes it sound so fancy!

5 >> Samantha’s Traveling Coat and Hat >> Why, oh why, does this coat not cover the entire dress in the photo?! Although, since I have no plans on getting that certain dress…I think this coat is pretty cute! I have a feeling that the hat would get flattened very quickly, however.

6 >> Samantha’s Traveling Coat and Hat >> Bella owns the MyAG (then “Just Like You”) easel from a few years ago, and while it’s perfect for photos and play, it’s a terrible pain to close. This doesn’t seem as difficult, but it’s paints are also a lot less detailed. And, apparently, Samantha paints a better butterfly than I do.

7 >> Samantha’s Treat Set >> I like the look of this set with its white swirls and coordinating pastries. A second chair would have been preferable and the glasses look sort of plastic-y, but the sweets sure are cute! I’m sure it would look lovely in an outdoor photo shoot.

What are your favorite pieces?

Lulu :)


8 thoughts on “AG February Release 2015 / Lulu’s Thoughts

  1. Loved reading your thoughts, as always! :) I am so glad someone finally agrees with me about the too short coat-coats like that are not supposed to be shorter than the dress. I’m pretty sure Grandmary would never have approved of that coat. ;) I also agree with you about the Gazebo-it looks cool and would look great in photos, but it doesn’t seem like is has that much play value, especially compared to items like Isabelle’s Studio and Samantha’s Icecream Parlor, and even Grace’s Bakery.
    ~Christian Homeschooler

  2. YAS YAS YAS ADDY’S DRESS OMG YAS. :D She ROCKS that look. She dominates the whole release and kicked the puke-green pajama-gardening MyAGs right out of TOWN.
    Kit’s overalls are quite cute! And I agree too about the jazz outfit accessories – she looks like she’s being choked by that necklace, and for some reason the bow reminds me of Minnie Mouse ears. :P
    However, I find myself not being much of a fan of the soccer set. For one, I find the stars on the ball to be rather obnoxious (maybe that’s just ’cause I played soccer for a while, idk), and the color scheme…..ugh. I love lime green, I love purple, and I like pink, but I not all together……:(

  3. Your thoughts on the new releases are great. Regarding your Kaya question…I actually like that Kaya’s new clothes are more modern. It’s kind of a tricky thing. Kit shouldn’t have nearly the amount of clothes she has for a child in growing up in the depression. As you go further back in time the girls who were not in wealthy families had few choices. A school dress, a chores dress or pinafore/apron, Sunday best, winter clothes, and maybe something cultural (maybe two school dresses so there was something to wear on wash day). No go back to Kaya. What do we know of nomadic Native Americans? They traveled light. She may have had two everyday dresses, a special event dress, and winter garments, but that’s all. Those dresses were handmade and decorated – it took a lot of skill and time to make them. So realistically, her period style wardrobe is complete. These new outfits represent traditional regalia worn by dancers at powwows. I like how AG tries to represent Kaya’s culture of today (not always perfectly on target, but not bad.)

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