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Bri LogoHi everyone! So today we’re being very quiet so that Lulu doesn’t know I’m writing the intro without-

Without what?



Yep! Can’t have a good intro without cupcakes. 

But you’ve never had cupcakes while you were writing intros in the past.



I wholeheartedly agree friend. 

I am so confused…

Oh. Might as well get to the story then. ONWARD!!!!

Kitty and Lizzie This afternoon, Kitty-Kat and Rub-a-Dub decided to host a bake-off! Naturally, I decided to enter my super secret recipe, but more on that later. “Hi everyone!” Rubye said excitedly when we all arrived at the bake-off. “Welcome to our bake-off,” Kitty added with a mysterious smile. “Why don’t you all go set up your treats and we’ll come by so you can tell us about them?” Rubye suggested. We all nodded and rushed into the courtyard. 

Piper's Treat “What did you make?” Rubye asked Piper a little while later, once everyone was set up. “White chocolate apple scones!” Piper told her cheerfully, “They’re my go-to breakfast food.” She offered a bit of pastry to her friend, who accepted it with a smile. “That’s wonderful!” Rubye laughed, reaching for another piece. 

Cupid's Treat “Hey Kit-Kat!” Cupid greeted Kitty, who was coming by to see what she had whipped up. “Want to try one of my shortbread cookies?” Kitty nodded eagerly and began nibbling on the tip of the heart-shaped sweet.  “The special ingredient is love!” Cupid informed her, passing the purple host another treat. 

Bri's Treat“What did you create?” Rubye asked your’s truly when they finally made their way to my station. “Why non other than my amazing Funfetti Everything Cupcake!” I gestured to my tower of delicious treats. Kitty raised an eyebrow, “Are you supposed to start from the top or the bottom?” “That’s the beauty of it! There is no wrong way to eat it!” I replied happily. 

Grace's Thoughts“And now, our judges, Sienna, Dani, and Grace, will be coming around to taste your yummy sweets!” Rubye announced once she and Kitty had made their way back to the center of the courtyard. I watched as  my three friends began walking towards Piper’s scones. “Mmmm!” Grace bit into the edge of the warm pastry. “That’s delicious! Not too dry, not too hot, but just right!”

Dani's Thoughts“These are the best things I’ve ever tasted!” Dani squealed near by as she filled her mouth with shortbread cookies. “Cupid, these are oh-so tasty!” She jumped around excitedly and gave Cupid a big thumbs up. 

Sienna's ThoughtsI watched as Sienna headed towards my cupcake next. “Hey Bri! Nice…cupcake?” She shrugged and took a bit out of the rainbow-colored cake at the bottom of the tower. “Yummy,” She nodded. “I think you may have gone a bit overboard with the toppings though.” 

And the winner is...My two friends and I watched in anticipation as Sienna went over to the judges and whispered the winner of the contest in Kitty’s ear. “And the winner of the Great Bake-Off is…” Kitty began the announcement. “CUPID!” Rubye finished for her. 

HugsI was disappointed of course, but just looking at Cupid’s shortbread cookies would make anyone’s mouth water. “Great job Cupid!” Piper and I congratulated our friend. “Hugsies!” I exclaimed and we gave our pink-haired bud a huge hug. 


And now a very special surprise for all of my super awesome readers…a Comments From Bri Recipe Book featuring all the recipes shown in today’s post! You’re welcome!

Happy Saturday!

Bri (And Lulu!)


3 thoughts on “Comments From Bri / 16

    • You should be able to gently wiggle her hand off her wrist. (For some dolls this is easier than others: My Cupid’s hands fall off all the time, but Grace’s are a battle.) Remove the bracelet and then just push the hand back onto the wrist.

      I love the photo shoot you did with Briar on your blog – adorable!

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