101 Dollmations / 05


101 DollmationsHappy Monday! While I don’t always enjoy Mondays (our school vacation has come to an end and I must wait another week for a new episode of Downton Abbey!) there’s nothing like a bit of stop motion to bring some extra cheer into the start of your week. :) For this month’s 101 Dollmations, I have chosen three fabulous channels that I think you’ll really enjoy, so let’s get to it…

Slide211 >> Even the name of this channel makes you want to smile! All of the Laughternoons videos are loads of fun with their bright graphics, smooth movements, and cute story lines, but my favorites so far are definitely the “Gardening” and “Annie’s Adventure” movies. Both are oh-so fun! (My yearning for warmer weather might have influenced these picks…)

Darling Dollies12 >> The opening of the Darling Dollies movies definitely caught my eye when I was browsing some of my favorite AG Youtube channels the other day. The pretty colors and fonts instantly drew me in, and before I knew it I was busy watching the hilarious, “Yoga Fail,” stop motion. The voices, sets, and animation are amazing, and I’ll definitely be sure to keep up with this fabulous channel in the future.

Wacky Wafflez 13 >> And for our last channel of today’s post, we have Wacky Wafflez, (isn’t that just such a fun name?) The stop motions are well done and are sure to make you laugh – the perfect thing to brighten anyone’s day! While I haven’t gotten a chance to watch a ton of the videos, I really did enjoy “Welcome Home Blake!” Be sure to check it out when you get a chance. :)

And now for this month’s Lulu Original animation! This one stars Piper and Sienna as they go on a food themed adventure. Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

And as always, you can find out more information on my stop motions or watch some more mini movies on my Youtube channel.

Have a great night!



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