Staff Picks / February 2015


Staff Picks / Feb. 2015 It’s been quite a busy week in the Doll Mag household! We finally got a chance to take a peek at our favorite doll blogs though, and were oh-so impressed by the flurry of amazing posts (and snow!) in the doll world this month. While it was hard to narrow down all the choices to just six, these ones stood out to us the most…

1 >> Being a hardcore purple-lover, Lulu immediately fell in love with the violet colored outfit Autumn modeled on Audra’s Elements of Style! The fabrics are cozy, Autumn’s hair is gorgeous, and the photos are lovely, so there’s really only one question: where can Lulu find it in her size?

2 >> Kelsey’s adventures in Chicago look like so much fun! Lulu absolutely loves the winter-y photos on the My Journey Girls Adventures blog – the combination of bokeh and snow are just oh so pretty.

3 >> Bella adored this funny skit – it left us giggling all afternoon! Be sure to check it out; hilarious results will definitely follow! (We would personally love to meet the AG historical girls at a restaurant, how about you?)

4 >> Bella loved this elegant, (and easy) hairdo the minute she saw it on the Dollicious blog. She can’t wait to try it out on her dolls – they’ll look amazing!

5 >> Lulu couldn’t help but enjoy this adorable photo story on Miss Molly and Friends! The dolls looked like they had loads of fun at their sleepover – what could be better than Twister, food, and friends?

6 >> Who else wants to go grab a bite to eat at Emily’s Diner? The super cute photo story over at Kiki’s Korner left us both craving dessert (preferably before lunch!)

Have a great rest of your weekend,

Lulu and Bella


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