Magazine / Spring 2015


Slide01It’s finally March! Lulu and I have been hard at work on our spring issue of Doll Mag, and we have been ever so anxious to share it with you. We’ve said it before, but we’ll mention it again: in the middle of heavy-hitting snow storms, writing up articles about light dresses, seasonal vegetables, and warm-weather sports had us looking forward to the coming months! We hope you’ll take a peek at this new issue, where you’ll find articles like…

  • an interview Chrissa Maxwell, 2009 Girl of the Year {?!}, and her friends, Gwen and Sonali.
  • a round-up of our favorite items for Bitty Babies and Bitty Twins.
  • matching games centered around dolls for AG dolls.
  • a brief history of the adorable Karito Kids line.
  • and much, much more!

You can read the current edition on ISSUU or download it on Dropbox HERE. Unfortunately, ISSUU has been acting up, so we’ll update the link to the new issue this afternoon. It can, however, be downloaded on Dropbox still. All fixed – thank you for your patience! :)

As always, we have plenty of other links to give you! First, you can enter our bimonthly survey HERE – the winner will be featured in the next issue on the Contents page.

Shop Owner Spotlight is made for Etsy shop owners, and we’re happy to introduce the feature once again this issue! Read more and sign up for an interview HERE.

Gabby, our advice columnist, is in need of your questions for the May/June issue. Write to her HERE.

We love hearing what you think about each Doll Mag issue. Send a Letter to the Editors {as in us! :)} HERE, and we’ll feature one or two in an upcoming edition.

Finally, our back issues are available to read HERE on ISSUU.

Thank you, friends! Lots of love,
Bella, Lulu, and the Doll Mag team

Psst. We shared some exciting news on the last page of this issue. Be sure to check back this week to vote in the Doll Mag Blogger Awards!


9 thoughts on “Magazine / Spring 2015

    • Hi Sharry! You shouldn’t have to join ISSUU to read Doll Mag; it’s a free service that makes it easier to read online magazines on desktops and mobile devices. We also have our issues available for download; Dropbox allows us to store all of our issues and printables in one place, but once you download this particular magazine, the issue should come up in Adobe Reader. We are utilizing these services due to space limitations and to help readers who have had trouble downloading the large files directly from our site in the past. Hope that clears things up a bit! :) If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to let us know.

      • It may be free but I have to have an accoount w/ them which is the same thing as joining something. And I really don’t wanna download it, as I have space issues in my old PC. Oh well.

      • Hmm that’s so odd! You shouldn’t need an account to read it – if you click to the link, it should bring you straight to the issue to read.

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