The Doll Mag Blogger Awards


Doll Mag Blogger AwardsWhile we have just posted the March/April edition, Lulu and I are so excited about our upcoming issue. The two of have given it the unofficial name, “The Doll Blogger Issue,” because we have a number of bloggers we admire and adore lined up to contribute. Our first-ever Doll Mag Blogger Awards is just one exciting article we have planned, but we’re starting preparations now so we are ready for our May 1st issue release day :)

We want to celebrate the wonderful doll fans that make the blogging world better with each post, but we can only do so with your help! Please consider voting for your favorite doll blogs and sites HERE; it will only take a few minutes, and your nominations will decide what blogs make it to the second round of voting in April. More is explained in the link, but don’t hesitate to leave questions in the comments – Lulu and I will answer them as soon as possible!

Have we mentioned how much our readers, like you, rock?! Because you truly, truly do. Thank you for all of the support and help in making this the best issue yet!

19 thoughts on “The Doll Mag Blogger Awards

    • Technology has not been our friend this week. The link should be working now, although let us know if you still can’t access it. Thanks for the heads up! :)

      • Yay! It works now! I don’t have time to do it tonight, but I’ll do it tomorrow. I can’t wait! :D I do have one question though…. Do you not want websites nominated? For instance, I consider American Girl Fan a website. So, do you consider that a blog, or a website? And so can American Girl Fan get an award? Oh, and also, can we nominate you(Doll Mag) for an award?

      • Great question! We use the terms blog and website interchangeably, so American Girl Fan is totally eligible. And why thank you – we won’t stop you from nominating us! :)

    • Hi Georgia! Did you click the link from an email subscription, or did you try the link in the post? If if still doesn’t work, not to worry – I’ll fix it when I get home from school! :)

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  3. I just voted :) This is such a good idea to do blog awards like this! Would you mind if I did something similar to this, giving credit to you, of course? ;)
    Have a great day!

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