Oh Sew Happy / 01

Hi! Oh Sew HappyI hope you’re all having an awesome weekend! Today I’m happy to introduce a new feature, called “Oh Sew Happy!” where I’ll be sharing sewing tutorials that anyone can make. For this post I’ll be showing you how to create a paper bag skirt for Ever After High and American Girl dolls. Not only is this skirt adorable, but you can also make it in under a half hour. Let’s get to it, shall we?


  • Regular scissors
  • Fabric scissors
  • A ruler
  • Pins
  • Velcro
  • Fabric
  • A sewing machine and matching thread OR a needle and matching embroidery thread

Oh Sew Happy Tutorial


  1. Cut out your fabric. For an Ever After High or Monster High skirt you’ll need a 3 by 9 inch piece, and for an American Girl skirt you’ll need a 7 by 20 inch piece.
  2. Hem the two short sides and one of the long sides. (I recommend folding your fabric over twice so there are no exposed edges.) You’ll definitely want to use pins for the American Girl doll fabric, but you don’t necessarily need them for the EAH one.
  3. The directions for this step are slightly longer for the sewing machine than the needle. Sewing Machine Directions: Change the stitch so it’s looser (I set my machine to 4) and hem the other long side. ONLY LOCK ONE SIDE and keep the threads long. Needle Directions: Hem the other long side, but don’t cut the thread.
  4. Pull one edge of your thread so the top hem gathers. (If sewing on a sewing machine, only pull the bobbin thread and do so very gently.) Hold the fabric up against your doll as you do this, making sure it fits her waist. Lock the gathering by stitching over the ends of the original hemming thread. Add velcro and you’re done!

Sienna and Sally Sally and Sienna love their new skirts! Be sure to send us pictures of your sewing creations at dollmagblog(at)gmail(dot)com!

Have a great night,



7 thoughts on “Oh Sew Happy / 01

  1. Also, when will the next installment of “Work it Like a Boss” come out?
    Can’t wait to see what comes on your blog next. :)

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