Shop Owner Spotlight / 08


Shop Owner Spotlight VirginiaAlthough our bimonthly feature, Shop Owner Spotlight, took a hiatus in the beginning of the year, we were delighted to introduce it once again in the latest issue! Virginia, owner of The Lady’s Resource Shoppe on Etsy, just opened her shop last year, but if her blog is any indication, she’s been sewing for quite some time; we’re sure her experience ensures quality products with attention to detail. Even better?  Virginia makes outfits for our modern and historical friends, so there’s no need to worry about which doll to treat to a new outfit. As always, we highlighted Virginia and her shop in the issue, but here’s the full five-question interview. Spring shopping awaits!

What inspired you to start your shop?

I had been making doll clothes for my little sister, her friends, and myself for a long time and really wanted to make a go of my own little store! I was inspired by the idea of having my own designs, my own lines and collections; it was something I had dreamed about putting together for a very long time.

How do you come up with the ideas for your outfits?

A lot of them are inspired by the fabric; I like to get together a great stack of fabric and trims for each collection and go from there. Sometimes I will have my own design in mind; sometimes I have a particular idea inspired by a historical event or activity. And some of my dresses are replicas of film costumes or retired American Girl doll outfits.

What are your favorite pieces to make?

I love the challenge of remaking original doll dresses or film costumes in doll scale. Finding the right fabrics, the right colors, the right trims is an adventure! I also love making historically accurate garments. That’s a big passion of mine.

What are your favorite color combinations?

Oh, there are so many! Anything that looks good, rich, interesting, harmonious. Pale blue and brown; turquoise and white; olive-green and cream, navy and coral.

Finally, we would love to know a little bit about your dolls.

Certainly! I have my old favorite, an American Girl Today doll, with brown hair and green eyes, whose name is Rosemary. I “co-own” an Addy and a Felicity with my sister, and I also have a gorgeous #55 named Starr. I’m lucky to have sisters with a wide variety of dolls to model my outfits; together we have Felicity, Marie Grace, Addy, Kit, Molly, Chrissa, Mia, and three Just Like You dolls.

Thank you so much to Virginia! It sounds like she has some pretty amazing sisters who are into dolls as well, just as I have Lulu :) Her color tastes are spot-on as well; they all sound so spring-y!

We love interviewing Etsy designers for Shop Owner Spotlight. If you’re interested, please take a look at the form HERE. If you have entered information in the past few weeks, we apologize for not getting back to you. We’ll be in touch soon!

Have a lovely Monday!


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