Craft / Floral Glasses Case


Make a Doll Floral Glasses CaseIn the Doll Mag household, accessories are in constant rotation; we’ll move headbands, scarves, and shoes from doll to doll to switch up their always growing and somewhat massive wardrobe :) One of our go-to accessories is a pair of glasses, as a cute set of frames can easily add a chic touch to any doll’s ensemble! With three pairs of AG glasses in our collection, however, Lulu and I have learned they can be hard to keep track of when they are not on a doll, and the boring cases they come in don’t help our problem. Fortunately, it took only our crafty natures and wishes for spring to come up with this easy craft: a floral, felt glasses case that you can whip up in under an hour. We love the results, as we’re sure Ruthie, who rocks berry pink frames, does too. Ready to make your own?!

Glasses Case MaterialsYOU WILL NEED…

  • Glue gun
  • Glasses case, for tracing {No worries if you don’t have one on hand – you can eyeball it!}
  • Fabric scissors
  • Embroidery floss {We suggest coordinating it to the color of your case}
  • Needle
  • Felt in a variety of colors for the case, flowers, and leaves

Glasses Case InstructionsTO MAKE

  1. Use the fabric scissors and glasses case to trace and cut out a template for your own.
  2. Use the needle and coordinating floss to sew the case shut, leaving the rounded top open. Alternatively, glue the sides shut.
  3. Use the scissors and glue gun to add flowers to the front of the case.
  4. Done and done! Find a pair of doll glasses to store inside.

Floral Glasses Case

Floral Glasses CaseWe could never not include a picture of Ruthie. She always looks stunning, no matter what accessories she wears!

Have a wonderful rest of your Saturday!


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