Staff Picks / March 2015


Staff Picks March 2015Lulu and I are shocked at how quickly March flew by; spring is upon us, and summer break will be here before we know it! To “slow down time,” the two of us have compiled our favorites from the online doll community in the past month. There was a number of exciting announcements, adorable outfits, and stunning photography, so believe us when we say narrowing down our Staff Picks is very difficult. What were some of your favorite posts from March?

1 ∗ We always take notes of Clarisse’s style advice, because when are her outfit combinations not super chic?! Her most recent mix and match post offers suggestions for Molly’s Meet Outfit and the Ruffled Hoodie Outfit, and the variety of pieces used makes it a great resource for a spring wardrobe slump.

2 ∗ Easter snuck up on me this year – I can hardly believe it’s a week away! In preparation of egg hunts and Easter baskets, I’m sure I’ll make a few of Liz’s doll-sized chocolate bunnies. With basic sewing skills and her free pattern, you could create several of these sweet treats in one afternoon.

3 ∗ It’s still snowing as I write this, so you can imagine my envy when I see Zoë’s stunning – and snow-free – photos! A white tutu may not be practical wear, but it looks gorgeous on her doll, Ellie; it makes me wish I snagged some of Isabelle’s dance products when she was still available for sale.

4 ∗ The latest Ever After High episode, “An Hexclusive Invitation,” recently premiered, giving fans {like Lulu!} their first glimpse of Faybelle Thorn, the newest EAH villain. I’m nowhere near an EAH expert, but I think Faybelle is too cute, even if she is a trouble-maker.

5 ∗ We’ve been longtime supporters of the Etsy shop, Janie Jumps. Caroline’s products are high-quality and clearly made with love. Fans we are, both of us are so excited that she’s decided to embark on a new endeavor; her newest Etsy shop, Sparrow and Wren Mercantile, opens up this Thursday – we can’t wait!

6 ∗ Finally, we recently saw the Disney film, Cinderella, and left the theater in awe of the beautiful costume design. Grace, over at Dollicious, honors the stunning gowns with her Cinderella-themed photo shoot. Her new doll, Summer, is such a cutie in blue!

Doll Mag Blogger AwardsIn other news, we have set up the final round of voting for the Doll Mag Blogger Awards! We appreciate you stopping by and choosing your favorites in each category. This round of voting will end on April 12th, and the winners will be revealed in the May/June issue released on May 1st! :) Please vote HERE.

Have a great night!


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