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Bri Logo*YAWN*

Still tired Bri?

*YAWN* Yeah. *YAWN* 

Does that mean I get to do the intro?


Is that a ‘yes’ yawn, or a ‘no’ yawn?


All this yawning is making me tired…*yawn*

*Yawn* (Translation: Onto the story!) 

Sleepover 1Yesterday night, my friends and I had a super duper sleepover at Gigi the Genius’s house. “Is everyone here?” I announced at the beginning of our celebration. “Alright-y then! Let the sleepover begin!” With that fabulous announcement, we all grabbed our favorite snuggly blankets and gathered in Gigi’s room. Even Kitty’s cat Wonderland joined us!

Bri 2“What should we do first?” I asked a little while later. “How about a movie?” Piper suggested. “I brought Roman Holiday!” I laughed as Piper whipped her favorite Audrey Hepburn movie out of her duffel bag. Gigi nodded enthusiastically, “Sounds perfect! Oh, and we can try out my new popcorn recipe!” She ran and grabbed a large pink bowl from the kitchen, “I drizzled it in chocolate and sprinkled some strawberries on top.” And then as if on cue, Cupid popped up behind me, “Did someone say popcorn?”

Sleepover 3“It’s just so sad!” Piper cried when the movie credits finally rolled across the screen a couple hours later. “Because she…and then…him…and they….why?” She blew her nose into the tissue, “The ending gets me every time!” “It’ll be okay Piper!” I said, patting her on the back. “I know what will cheer you up! Let’s tell ghost stories.”

Sleepover 4“I have a great ghost story! And it’s really, really, really scary!” Rubye cried, finally putting her book down. She grabbed the flashlight and held it under her chin so it illuminated her face. “Okay, here I go! So, one dark and stormy night, a girl lent her favorite book to one of her closest friends. A few weeks later, on another dark and stormy night, the friend returned the book to the girl. To the girl’s horrible dismay, the cover had acquired a large fold – straight down the middle! The end.”

Bri 5We all clapped for Rubye’s creative story until our applause was interrupted by Grace’s idea. “PILLOW FIGHT!” She screamed, and we all started looking through the mess of blankets for something fluffy to fling around. “This. is. so. much. fun!” I announced, falling back into a pile of pink fabric. 

Bri 6After our pillow fight finally ended, we finally realized how late it was. “I think it’s time to go to sleep,” I yawned, crawling into my soft sleeping bag. “See you in the morning,” Gigi agreed. “I’m going to make cinnamon apple pancakes!” With images of delicious apple pastries in our heads, we all began to get ready for bed. In no time, we were all asleep.

Bri 7Well, almost all of us..

Keep on Bri-ing awesome!

Bri (and Lulu!)


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