101 Dollmations / 06


101 DollmationsWhat better way to celebrate the end of the month than with an 101 Dollmations post? We can’t believe how fast March has flown by, but we managed to squeeze in this month’s installment, and it’s sure to be a great one! The AG animators were quite busy this month, and I have plenty of fun channels to share with you (and a bit of new formatting!), so let’s get to it!

14 * AGSmiless 

Why I Chose This Channel * When I first started this feature, I remember seeing something about the extremely popular AGSM series, Aspen Heights, but for some reason I never looked into it. While I was searching for channels to feature in this month’s installment, I decided to check out the channel that created the series, AGSmiless, and I’m super-duper glad I did! All of the videos are entertaining, and I’ll definitely be checking out more of them soon.

My Favorite Video (so far!) * 19 Dolls and Counting – the opening is so fun!


15 * MixiePixie7

Why I Chose This Channel * I actually found the link to this channel in the comments section of another video and clicked on it because I thought the name was fun (I have a very serious researching technique.) The smooth animation and fun opening of the stop motions are what really caught my eye though.

My Favorite Video (so far!) * Mouse in the House – it rhymes!


16 * SuperAG101

Why I Chose This Channel * The bright colors of the sets, fun plot lines, and great fonts are what really made me fall in love with these videos. They just make me want to watch them over and over again!

My Favorite Video (so far!) * The TV Disaster – Sounds fun, right?


17 * Sparkle Fire Productions

Why I Chose This Channel * This channel has loads of lovely outdoor videos, and the animation is flawless! Plus, the videos made me laugh, so that’s always good, right?

My Favorite Video (so far!) * Ruby’s Crazy Bike Ride – Hopefully my bike rides won’t be this crazy!


18 * Landy Cand Studios

Why I Chose This Channel * Not only is the name also fun to say, but the videos are very detailed and I can see the amount of work put into them. I love all the different changes in location too!

My Favorite Video (so far!) * The Camping Trip – Who knew camping could be so fun to watch?


19 * MonChatsDansLaLune

Why I Chose This Channel * MonChatsDansLaLune is actually one of my favorite Etsy shops, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they have a YouTube channel too! And not surprisingly, their videos are very enjoyable and well worth the watch.

My Favorite Video (so far!) * Ivy the Skateboarder – It just looks so spring-y!


20 * AmericanGir1Dolls

Why I Chose This Channel * For my final pick, we have AmericanGir1Dolls, which I picked for its great voiceovers and funny story lines. I love the mix of camera angles, and the attention to detail is great.

My Favorite Video (so far!) * The Show – Boutique montage? Yes please!


Do you have any suggestions for channels I should check out?

Lulu :)


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