Nancy Drew Sleuthing Kit / Bookworm Week


Nancy Drew Sleuthing KitWhen brainstorming the novels we wanted to feature this week, the Nancy Drew mysteries were some of the first books to come to mind. Not only do we love Nancy’s fast-paced adventures, but our adorable sleuth Sally does too! And what’s a detective without her tools? We created an entire sleuthing kit with Nancy-approved items to help crack the case, with the help of an amazing book for budding detectives, The Lost Files of Nancy Drew.

Nancy Drew Sleuthing KitThis large guide includes “artifacts” and clues from some of Nancy’s most popular mysteries, including her own sleuthing supply list. Sally took it upon herself to create a kit inspired by Nancy’s; as Sally knows, you never know what a mystery will call for! From bobby pins to flashlights, Nancy is always prepared.

Nancy Drew Sleuthing KitHere’s what the two expert detectives suggest carrying in a sleuthing supply kit: a change of clothes {rain-soaked or stained items are no fun}, a notepad and pen {for writing down clues, of course}, spare change, a magnifying glass, a flashlight, bobby pins {for hairstyles and picking locks}, and finally, a yummy treat {Sally likes chocolate chip cookies :)}.

Let’s discuss, friends. What would you have in your sleuthing kit? Do you like the Nancy Drew books? Do you have a favorite mystery novel to recommend?

Have a happy Monday!

Bella, Lulu, and Sally

Bookworm WeekThanks for being a part of Bookworm Week! We’ll be sharing crafts, ideas, and photo stories related to our favorite books all week long, so be sure to check back soon for the next post.


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