Springtime / A Photo Shoot


I’m happy to say that the springtime weather has finally arrived where we live, and that we’re enjoying every minute of it! I absolutely love all of the gorgeous flowers and blossoms that are blooming outside my window – they’re just so pretty. :)  Every time I see them, I end up thinking back to Sienna’s welcome post (back when her name was spelled Siena), which is one of my favorite photo shoots that I have done for this blog. A few days ago I noticed that the bushes in our garden were covered in soft pink flowers and I decided to recreate that post with the help of Sienna and my other nature-loving EAH doll, Dani. Check it out below!

Sienna in BushFirst up we have a picture of Sienna among the greens! I just love the light in this one.

Dani and FenceHere’s Dani just looking cute!

Sienna's ShoesFor some reason Sienna’s shoes fascinate me. Hmm…

Dani and FlowersAnd here’s a shot of Dani with all of the flowers. I love how they look with her hair!

Happy spring!


P.S. Right now is Bella’s tech week (she’s the stage manager for her school’s production of Shrek – yay!), so we’ll just be popping in and out this week. We have loads of fun things planned for this month (including a birthday party poll!) though, so be sure to keep a look out!

23 thoughts on “Springtime / A Photo Shoot

  1. Your pictures are amazing! Your Ever After High dolls always look so cute :) I was wondering, do you recommend the Ever After High dolls? I have always though they were super cute, and I was wondering what your opinion on them is ;)


      • I think I would just like to keep it in its origional hair style. I wouldn’t want to do it, just keep it the same.

      • Alrighty then! Some of my favorite dolls are Cedar Wood (basic), Ashlynn Ella (basic), C.A. Cupid (Thronecoming), Briar Beauty (EVERYTHING), and the entire Through the Woods line is really cute. I’m also a fan of Rosabella Beauty, although her doll won’t be released until later this year.

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